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Pokimane Surprises Overwatch 2 Fans with Collaboration Announcement with Eskay

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Overwatch 2 fans were pleasantly surprised when Pokimane, one of the biggest content creators in the world, hinted at an upcoming collaboration to play Blizzard’s hero shooter with fellow content creator Eskay.

Pokimane’s diverse content spans various categories, from Just Chatting to Fortnite and Valorant ranked, but Overwatch 2 hasn’t been a staple in her gaming repertoire. However, that might change soon, as Eskay extended an invitation to her on Twitter, proposing a joint gaming session.

In the tweet, Eskay expressed enthusiasm about the current state of Overwatch 2 and offered to provide support as a Mercy player or teach Pokimane the ropes, ensuring a fun time regardless. Pokimane responded to the invitation with excitement, finding the proposal adorable and agreeing to DM Eskay about it.


The prospect of this collaboration has generated considerable excitement within the Overwatch 2 community, drawing attention even from the official PlayOverwatch account. Fans eagerly await further details about the collaboration and what form it will take, with anticipation building as plans are finalized behind the scenes.

As the two content creators prepare for their collaborative venture, fans can look forward to an entertaining and possibly informative Overwatch 2 stream, with Pokimane bringing her trademark charm and Eskay providing expertise and support in the game. Until the stream goes live, the community can only speculate and eagerly await the exciting content to come.

Social media has been buzzing with excitement over the announcement. One user wrote, “Can’t wait to see this duo! 🫶” Another user exclaimed, “HUGE W 🥹 The Eskay pocket goes so hard.” Another enthusiastic fan exclaimed, “NO WAYYYYYYYYYY YES WE NEED IT.” Yet another chimed in, “I AM SO EXCITED TO SEE THIS OMG.” The anticipation among fans is palpable as they eagerly await the collaboration between Pokimane and Eskay on Overwatch 2.


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