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Stable Ronaldo Breaks Silence After Twitch Ban: Explains Controversial Suspension in Candid Livestream

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Stable Ronaldo

After being banned on Twitch for the third time recently, Fortnite streamer Stable Ronaldo opens up about the situation. Just a few days ago, an account on X informed the streaming community about Ronaldo’s ban on Twitch. Since then, everyone has been waiting to hear from the streamer himself. So, why was he banned on Twitch this time?

Read ahead to learn more about the Fortnite streamer opening up about his third Twitch ban.

Fortnite streamer Stable Ronaldo and his Twitch ban

While streamers getting banned on Twitch or other platforms isn’t something new to witness, we recently learned about a similar occurrence involving Fortnite streamer Stable Ronaldo. An X account, @StreamerBans, informed the community about Ronaldo’s ban on Twitch.

On March 15th, the X account stated that Stable Ronaldo had been banned on Twitch for the third time. Since then, everyone has been speculating about the reason for his ban on the platform this time. Now, Ronaldo has reacted to the ban himself, even revealing why it happened.

Stable Ronaldo reacts to his third-time Twitch ban

Regarding his recent Twitch ban, Ronaldo said, “I don’t know how to feel anymore. Every time I do well in my career, something like this always happens. I love streaming, and I love my community. I’m sorry, guys, I don’t know what to do.”

Although, it was immediately after being unbanned that Ronaldo went on to do a live stream to talk about his ban. In the stream, the Fortnite streamer shared the real reason why his channel was actually banned with his followers and community.

Why was Stable Ronaldo banned on Twitch?

Talking about his recent Twitch ban on his 18th March live stream, Stable Ronaldo said, “A lot of you have been wondering why was I banned. I f**ked a stuffed animal and they thought I was f**king my dog.”

Though Stable Ronaldo said that his ban on Twitch was supposed to be a little longer, Twitch unbanned him days later after his ban. Following this, Ronaldo even thanked the platform for “understanding it was a mistake” and unbanning his channel.

Not to be overlooked, Stable Ronaldo has about 2.9 million followers on his channel, making him one of the popular Fortnite streamers.


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