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FaZe Banks Sparks Rumors of New Venture After Major Shake-Up at FaZe Clan

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Faze Banks

FaZe Banks via YouTube


The cryptic post by FaZe Banks has sparked rumors of his new project, with netizens sharing their views on the matter. Since FaZe Banks took over as the CEO of FaZe Clan, his latest posts have been fueling speculation about something new coming from him.

Read ahead to learn more about the cryptic post by FaZe Banks that has sparked rumors of his new project.

FaZe Banks sparks rumors of a new project

The popular esports and entertainment organization, FaZe Clan, has been facing struggles since 2023. This led the company to lay off its workforce, which drew a lot of attention. However, it was during this time that FaZe Banks took over as the organization’s CEO.

Banks, after becoming the CEO of the esports organization, even claimed to have fired all its staff. Meanwhile, FaZe Clan has not been involved in any other rumors since then. Yet, FaZe Banks seems to have sparked some rumors now after his cryptic post grabbed the attention of many.

FaZe Banks’ cryptic post goes viral

On March 8th, Banks shared an image, sparking rumors of his new venture. In the image, Banks shared a depiction of a zombie-like man wearing a cap and an eye patch, with the other eye appearing red.

The CryptoPunk NFT image had the caption “New profile pic, probably nothing.” That wasn’t the only post shared by Banks; two days later, he also shared a short video.

But that came from an account named “probablynothing,” which showed some aesthetic images. This has left everyone to speculate about what the posts were all about.

Netizens speculate about FaZe Banks’ cryptic post

The “probablynothing” post shared on social media has left many confused. However, other tweets from Banks hinted that it could be a “content/media platform.” Banks even confirmed that “probablynothing” is not a “memecoin or any sort of mint of any kind.”

On March 11th, the “probablynothing” account posted a video lasting more than ten minutes, which was filmed by Banks. Many are now left speculating that it could be related to cryptocurrency. However, only time will reveal the identity of the new project.

Netizens are eagerly awaiting to learn what Banks has been hinting at with his latest posts.


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