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Pokimane and Ninja Twitch Drama Explained as she gives proof of JiDion being supported by Ninja

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Ninja and Pokimane

Ninja and Pokimane


A new feud between Ninja and Pokimane has caught the attention of the streamer’s fans from both sides. Ninja and Pokimane have got on one another concerned with the twitch ban connecting to both Jidion and Pokimane. The things have however shook Pokimane when Ninja’s wife got into the argument. The whole scenario is all revolving around Ninja, Jidion, and Pokimane including Ninja’s wife Jessica.

What’s The Whole Argument Between Ninja’s Wife Jessica And Pokimane?

The argument between the three streamers Ninja, Jidion, and Pokimane began when both Jidion and Pokimane got banned from the twitch. A few days back Pokimane was even alleged to have been using drugs while live streaming. JiDion’s fans had spam commented in bulk to Pokimane which she hated. Pokimane even ended her streaming earlier owing to the spam comments by Jidion fans.

Ninja has however recently said to contact to twitch representative to remove the ban from Jidion. Certainly, it hasn’t gone well with Pokimane and Jessica sent a DM to Pokimane saying that they are not apologizing for any hate comments on her and Ninja is not thinking of removing the ban from Jidion.


Why Is Pokimane In Highlight Again These Days?

Pokimane after her alleged drug matter is once again in limelight for her messages with Jessica (Ninja’s wife) who sent her DM to say about Ninja and she not being apologetic to her. Pokimane is not liking the whole idea of removing the ban from Jidion who harassed her online.

Pokimane made the chat between her and Jessica all public and has shown her fans what was going between them.

What’s Jidion’s Reaction On The Whole Matter?

Well, Jidion hasn’t made any statement about Ninja removing the ban from Jidion. Yet, he did apologize to his fans for intriguing his fans to spam comment Pokimane while her streaming.


Unfortunately, currently, neither Jidion nor Pokimane is an on-time stream and is facing a ban on Twitch till now. In fact, Ninja hasn’t commented on the things either that happened between Jessica and Pokimane. Pokimane was however banned on twitch for streaming Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Moreover, Twitter currently is debating over the ban on Jidion, Pokimane with the involvement of Jessica and Ninja in it. Seems the argument may continue if Ninja or Jidion interrupts in it soon.


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