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Jidion Is Permanently Banned From Twitch For Hate Raiding Pokimane

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JiDion permanently banned from Twitch


A “hate raid” on Pokimane’s Twitch stream was being promoted by JiDion on January 12. This prompted JiDion to be banned from Twitch for 14 days. It only took a day after his account was verified for JiDion to be banned.

The time he broke the terms of service, he accepted full responsibility for doing so. He insisted though that gender had nothing to do with it. “My dislike for her has nothing to do with her gender, but her as a person!”

Twitch’s permanent ban has been upgraded to JiDion’s account in an interesting twist. The ban was deemed warranted by JiDion. Nevertheless, he argues that the permaban “isn’t fair,” and he explains why.

Because it was his fault he was banned, he said he wasn’t here to discuss the reasons for his ban. “It is what it is. I broke the terms of service.’
Later on, he said that he is here to talk about how Twitch could make it fairer.


Why Jidion Is Permanently Banned From Twitch?

Pokimane’s first Twitch ban resulted in a lot of controversy on the internet this year, and she has been the target of a lot of negativity. It was alleged that the streamer streamed Avatar: The Last Airbender on her channel.
After her return, she subsequently suffered hate raids by Jidion, who sent his viewers to raid Poki’s chat.

Shortly thereafter, he was banned for 14 days from the platform. Just a few hours following his verification, his account was suspended.

As JiDion points out, Twitch made the change permanent due to pressure from the community that it wasn’t severe enough. JiDion feels that’s not fair.

Rather than letting outside factors bring down a 14-day suspension, he feels Twitch should implement it for a first-time offense. “What I did was wrong. But how am I supposed to do better the next time if I never get the next time?” questioned JiDion.

Streamers rallied to support Pokimane after the incident, and JiDion believes their influence contributed to the decision.


Twitch has not responded to the situation yet. However, JiDion pledged that he “will be doing better in the future” if given another chance.

Pokimane’s Fans Also Stood By Her

Aside from streamers, Pokimane’s fan base has also stood up for her, stating that it was impossible for haters to blame her for someone getting suspended from Twitch for raiding her chat.

Despite their commitment to keeping silent while misogynists harass Pokimane for being a female streamer, Pokimane’s fans and fellow streamers have made their voices heard.

NRG Lulu, a popular streamer, was suspended from Twitter recently for calling out a user who harassed her on Twitter and made sexist remarks about her success.  


Ankita Khanrah is a second-year student of the Master of Communication and Journalism (Integrated) programme at the School of Mass Communication, KIIT Deemed University, Bhubaneswar.

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