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What Happened to Hazel O’Connor? Supermodel mental health issues, What Is Her Current Condition?

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Hazel O’Connor

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The singer and songwriter Hazel O’Connor was hospitalized last week due to brain hemorrhage. She was put into an induced coma for 24 hours. Her brother took to social media to confirm the same.

Hazel O’connor Hospitalized Following Brain Bleeding

The ’80s-era punk star, a resident of SW France suffered bleeding in the brain while she was at home. Her family soon took her to the hospital after reporting the “serious medical event”. They even had her transferred from a local hospital to a major one for monitoring her condition effectively.

Her brother, Neil O’Connor shared a post on Tumblr as he shared the unfortunate incident. He revealed that the celebrity was placed in an induced coma on Sunday for about 24 hours, and brought out of it Monday evening. Thankfully there has been a lot of improvement in her condition and she has been recovering. However, her recovery is going to take time but the good thing is she is responding to stimuli and to treatment.”


Lastly, Hazel O’Connor’s brother thanked the French medical service for the best treatment and for looking after her so well.

Hazel O’Connor was about to begin her tour this year. The tour was a celebration for the 40th anniversary of her debut album ‘Breaking Glass’. However, the tour stands postponed as of now.

Who is Hazel O’Connor?

The British singer and songwriter, Hazel Thereasa O’Connor rose to fame for her single hits “Eighth Day”, “Will You?” and “D-Days”. She is a native of Coventry, England. Her father was a soldier from the Second World War and they settled in England. Her brother launched the band ‘The Flys’ which is quite popular for the track “Love and a Molotov Cocktail”. 1975 marks her film debut with ‘Girls Come First’. Five years later she bagged the role of Kate in ‘Breaking Glass’ and won the Variety Club of Great Britain Award for Best film Actor for the same.

Hazel O’Connor was about to go on a tour this March. The tour was a celebration marking the 40th anniversary of her debut album ‘Breaking Glass’. However, due to the ongoing circumstances, the tour stands canceled as of now.


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