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Get Ready for April Fools Fun: Apex Legends 2024 Event Details Unveiled!

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The upcoming April Fools’ event for Season 20 of Apex Legends is already exciting fans, and we have limited information on when the event will take place. Despite no official confirmation about the event so far, we are left with mere speculations about what may happen at this year’s Apex Legends event.

Read on to learn more about Apex Legends’ April Fools’ Event 2024.

Apex Legends’ April Fools Event 2024

With April Fools’ Day just around the corner, fans are eagerly anticipating the April Fools’ Event 2024 of Apex Legends. While the date for it hasn’t been announced yet, many are speculating that it may kick off on April 1st this year, based on previous events.

The expected timing for it is around 10 am PT. However, it’s important to note that no official confirmation has been released. Therefore, the proposed time and date for the Apex Legends April Fools’ event should not be considered definitive.


What’s expected in April Fools event 2024 of Apex Legends?

Based on hints from HYPERMYSTx, leaks about an event and its modes have been exciting everyone. If these leaks are to be believed, the Apex Legends April Fools’ event 2024 might introduce modes such as Trios – April Fools, Control – April Fools, and Gun Run – April Fools.

While these three modes might introduce new changes for the April Fools’ event this year, according to HYPERMYST’s details, a new account badge may also be available during this event. The description of the badge is stated as “Celebrates the Champions of the April Fools 2024 Apex Games, Nessie.”

More about the Apex Legends April Fools Event 2024

With Apex Legends yet to officially confirm the changes or special events it’s planning for the April Fools’ event this year, we may have something special in store as hinted by HYPERMYSTx about the expected April Fools’ event.

Not to forget, if new modes and gameplay changes are introduced for the April Fools’ event 2024, they may be available for a limited time only during the duration of the event. Hence, what we are currently waiting for is an official confirmation from Apex Legends regarding the event, so that all the hints and leaks can be validated.

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