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Jynxzi’s Verbal Firestorm Continues: Twitch Streamer Targets Lacy Amidst Escalating Feud

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Twitch streamer Jynxzi is now embroiled in a feud with fellow streamer Lacy, stemming from Jynxzi’s issue with Clix. Twitch streamers are facing challenges with each other, especially after Clix shared a picture of Jynxzi’s girlfriend, Breckie Hill, leading to a heated argument between them. Now, Jynxzi has called out Lacy for siding with Clix.

Read on to learn more about Twitch streamer Jynxzi calling out Lacy over his feud with Clix.

The feud of Twitch stars Jynxzi with Clix

The Twitch streaming community has recently witnessed another feud between streamers, with both Jynxzi and Clix engaging in a heated argument on stream. This altercation ensued after Clix shared an old picture of Jynxzi’s girlfriend, which did not sit well with Jynxzi.

In fact, following the incident, Jynxzi accused Clix of clip farming. In response, Clix hit back at Jynxzi, stating that the latter had no right to accuse him of clip farming. Amidst all of this, a comment from Twitch streamer Lacy has added fuel to the fire.


Twitch streamer Lacy comments on Jynxzi amid latter’s feud with Clix

Amid the ongoing feud between Jynxzi and Clix, it appears that Twitch streamer Lacy’s comment has also gone viral. Commenting on Jynxzi in the context of his feud with Clix, Lacy said, “You need to be humbled. Your ego has gotten the best of you, and it’s cool, it happens. I completely understand it.”

Lacy added, “You’re on top of the world now. You’re the number one streamer in the world. You have the most viewers, the most fans. You’re making millions and millions of dollars, but you need to stay grounded.” Lacy’s comment appears to have angered Jynxzi now.

Jynxzi calls out Lacy amid his feud with Clix

Twitch streamer Jynxzi has already been furious over Clix sharing a picture of his girlfriend. Now, after Lacy suggested that Jynxzi should be humble about the situation, the latter is calling out Lacy for siding with Clix.


Jynxzi slamming Lacy said, “I understand, Clix is literally your (Lacy’s) father. So, Clix could actually punch someone in the face and you would have been like, ‘Their head shouldn’t have been in the way.’ There’s not a more biased account than you. You’re literally the most biased. You and Ronaldo (Stable Ronaldo) are the two most biased Clix d***riders I have ever seen.”

Slamming him further, Jynxzi told Lacy, “keep my name out of your f***ing mouth.”


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