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Social Media Showdown: Clix Calls Out Jynxzi, Sparks Viral Controversy with Girlfriend’s Threat to Sue

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Clix and Jynxzi

@jynxzi and @Clix/X


Twitch stars Jynxzi and Clix engaged in a heated argument over the latter sharing an old picture of the former with his girlfriend, Breckie Hill. Following this, Jynxzi wasted no time in accusing Clix of clip farming. Clix, in turn, didn’t hesitate to hit back at Jynxzi for his accusations. Here’s what the whole drama between them is all about.

Read on to learn more about the argument between Twitch stars Jynxzi and Clix over Clix sharing an old picture of Jynxzi with his girlfriend.

Twitch star Clix shares old pic of Jynxzi with his girlfriend Breckie Hill

On March 27th, Twitch stars Jynxzi and Clix had an argument when the latter shared a picture of the former with his girlfriend, Breckie Hill. Jynxzi didn’t appreciate it and accused Cody “Clix” of clip farming.

Jynxzi said, “That’s literally all it is, bro. Clix, is clip farming, that’s it. Bro, I’m all for a good clip farm, you guys know that, bro. But, like, that type of clip farm – that’s like next level. That’s, lik, ‘Hey, I need not clout tonight!’ That’s like, ‘ I need clout within the next five minutes!’ That’s like what your brain would go to.”


Clix hits back at Jynxzi for accusing him of clip-farming

After Jynxzi expressed his displeasure with Clix sharing an old picture of him with his girlfriend, Jynxzi accused Clix of clip farming. In response, Cody stated that Jynxzi had “no right” to accuse him.

Cody hit back at Jynxzi, saying, “Bro, intentionally doing things on-stream to generate attention, that’s what clip farming is. You have no right to accuse me of clip farming!” Meanwhile, recently, private DMs between Clix and Jynxzi’s girlfriend also went viral.

Private DMs of Clix with Jynxzi’s girlfriend

Amid the ongoing drama surrounding Jynxzi and Clix, an anonymous account shared a now-deleted tweet from Clix to Breckie Hill. A screenshot of DMs between Clix and Breckie Hill was also shared via @DramaAlert.


In the same, Hill wrote, “Oh, hell no. Don’t f**king talk about me to Nick. That’s my relationship, understood?”. To which Clix had replied as “Lmfao, you’re good.”

Hill even issued a warning of possible legal action, stating, “You’re slandering my name. My mom is a lawyer, and she will sue you for defamation of character. I’d prefer not to have to do that, so please refrain from talking about me.” It appears that the drama between the three is escalating.


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