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Chaos at CS2 Copenhagen Major as Protestors Disrupt Event

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The CS2 Copenhagen Major, a pinnacle event in the Counter-Strike 2 competitive scene, was marred by chaos when two protestors stormed the stage, causing havoc and destruction.

Amidst the intense competition and fervent audience support, the tranquility of the PGL CS2 Copenhagen Major was shattered by the sudden intrusion of two individuals onto the stage. Security personnel swiftly intervened to apprehend the intruders, but not before they wreaked havoc near the coveted tournament trophy.

As the protestors were being restrained, the trophy, prominently displayed center-stage, toppled over, shattering into multiple pieces. The shocking scene unfolded before the eyes of both the live audience and the millions of viewers tuning in remotely, casting a shadow over the otherwise successful event.

Boos reverberated through the arena as the disrupted spectators voiced their disdain for the protestors’ actions. Even on the broadcast, the unrest was palpable, with casters struggling to maintain focus on the ongoing matches amidst the turmoil. One caster’s candid remark, labeling the intruders as “clowns,” underscored the gravity of the situation.


CSGO Empire, purportedly behind the protest, accused G2’s sponsor, CSGORoll, of fraudulent activities, igniting a feud between the two gambling sites. Monarch, the owner of CSGO Empire, allegedly orchestrated the disruption, threatening repercussions for his staff if they failed to comply. Despite subsequent bans from platforms like Kick, Monarch remained defiant, vowing further disruption and claiming financial superiority.

In response to the incident, PGL, the organizers of the Major, condemned the disruption and emphasized the safety of all attendees. Swift action was taken to remove the intruders, with charges pending against them for their disruptive behavior.


The disruption occurred during a crucial quarter-final match between MOUZ and G2 Esports, halting gameplay for an extended period and disrupting the rhythm of the tournament. Despite the setback, the CS2 Copenhagen Major remains a landmark event in the Counter-Strike 2 calendar, showcasing the highest level of competitive play and camaraderie among enthusiasts.

As the tournament progresses, authorities remain vigilant, ensuring the integrity and safety of the event while reaffirming their commitment to the spirit of fair competition in esports.


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