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Responds After Crushing 20-5 Defeat by FaZe Banks in Call of Duty 1v1 at Founding Fathers LAN Event

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Nadeshot vs FaZe Banks

Image via X@Nadeshot


100 Thieves CEO Matthew Haag, aka Nadeshot, has publicly responded to his recent defeat by FaZe Banks (real name Richard Bengston) in a Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 1v1 sniper battle at the Founding Fathers LAN event. The showdown between the two CEOs was highly anticipated, with much of the Call of Duty community eagerly watching the match. However, FaZe Banks dominated the game, winning with 20 kills to Nadeshot’s five.

Following the defeat, Nadeshot took to X (formerly Twitter) to address the loss and tag his opponent. The 100 Thieves CEO wrote:
“GG’s @Banks. Shit got real, real quick. See you in chat tomorrow, gentlemen. There will be ungodly amounts of cry baby cheese and honestly can’t wait to yap with you boys on stream. Gonna go enjoy the launch of our collab with @adidas tonight and then get back to work tomorrow.”

FaZe Banks, celebrating his victory, posted a short video on his official X account. The two-minute-long video was a montage of esports professionals and Twitch streamers who had doubted his chances of winning, concluding with clips of the match where he outperformed Nadeshot.

The Founding Fathers LAN event, organized by WePlay Studios, featured numerous figures from the gaming world, including players and content creators from OpTic Gaming, 100 Thieves, and FaZe Clan. Among the attendees were several OGs of the Call of Duty community, including Scump, who co-streamed the tournament with FaZe ZooMaa and Nadeshot.

The match was preceded by significant online banter, with many fans and professionals predicting a Nadeshot victory due to his extensive background as a Call of Duty professional. Nadeshot, renowned for his time with OpTic Gaming, boasts an illustrious career, having won two MLG Pro titles and the 2011 Call of Duty XP.


However, despite being the favorite, Nadeshot couldn’t keep up with FaZe Banks during the match. Banks’ victory surprised many and served as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of competitive gaming. The event not only provided entertainment but also highlighted the camaraderie and competitive spirit within the esports community.

Nadeshot’s gracious acceptance of the defeat and his excitement for future interactions with his fans and fellow streamers reflect the ongoing passion and dedication he has for the gaming community. As both CEOs continue to lead their respective organizations, their rivalry adds an engaging narrative to the esports landscape, promising more exciting encounters in the future.


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