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#Technoblade25: Community Rallies to Celebrate Late Minecraft Star’s Birthday at Father’s Request

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#Technoblade25 trends on Twitter as fans commemorate what would have been Alex’s 25th birthday, with his father seeking Reddit community support.

The late Minecraft content creator Alex “Technoblade” continues to have a profound effect on the gaming community. Although Technoblade is no longer with us, his legacy lives on through his devoted fans and the efforts of his father, known as Technodad. As Technoblade’s 25th birthday approaches, Technodad has called upon the community to celebrate his son’s life and achievements in a meaningful way.

On June 1, 2024, Technoblade would have turned 25. To commemorate this significant milestone, Technodad took to the r/Technoblade subreddit to rally the community for a special tribute. He asked fans to share their gestures of remembrance using the hashtag #Technoblade25 across various social media platforms. His heartfelt message reads:

“This year for Techno’s birthday, I’d like to invite the community to post whatever gesture is meaningful for them and tag it with #Technoblade25. Light a candle, pour one out, post old or new fanart, make a video…”

He continued:

“Post it on Reddit, YouTube, Threads, Bluesky, Twitter, Twitch, whatever is the place that feels right to you. Ideally, you’d post it on June 1, but it could be whenever. I am making a video saying essentially this, but I’ve been delayed in getting it out, so I wanted to post here to be the vanguard of the idea.”


In response to this touching appeal, the hashtag #Technoblade25 quickly began to trend on X (formerly known as Twitter). As of May 31, 2024, the hashtag has already generated over 1,000 posts from fans eager to honor Technoblade’s memory.

Community Tributes for Technoblade

The community’s response to Technodad’s request has been overwhelming, with fans sharing a variety of tributes, including artwork, videos, and heartfelt messages. Here are some notable tributes:

Fan Art: Many fans have shared beautiful and intricate artwork depicting Technoblade in his iconic Minecraft avatar, often accompanied by touching messages of remembrance and admiration.

Memorial Videos: Fans have created and shared videos compiling some of Technoblade’s most memorable moments, showcasing his wit, skill, and the positive impact he had on the gaming community.

Personal Stories: Numerous posts recount personal stories of how Technoblade inspired and entertained them, highlighting the deep connection many felt with him despite never having met in person.

Technodad’s Tribute

In addition to his online appeal, Technodad shared a personal tribute video. In this video, he not only urged fans to participate in the #Technoblade25 initiative but also shared a more intimate aspect of Technoblade’s life. He revealed that his son had a particular fondness for steak and cheesy potatoes, and as a tribute, he prepared this favorite meal on camera. This gesture was not only a celebration of Technoblade’s life but also a way for fans to feel closer to the beloved YouTuber.


Remembering Technoblade

Technoblade passed away in June 2022 at the young age of 22 after battling a rare type of cancer called sarcoma. Sarcomas develop in bones and soft tissues, including muscles, blood vessels, and nerves. Despite his illness, Technoblade continued to create content and inspire millions with his resilience and humor.

The #Technoblade25 initiative is a testament to the enduring impact Technoblade had on his fans and the broader gaming community. Through their tributes, fans are not only celebrating his life and legacy but also ensuring that his memory continues to inspire and bring joy to others.

As June 1 approaches, the flood of tributes is expected to grow, further solidifying Technoblade’s legacy as a beloved figure in the gaming world.


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