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Tyler1 Unveils New AI Coaching Tool for League of Legends, Denies Scam Allegations

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On May 29, 2024, renowned Twitch streamer Tyler “Tyler1” debuted an innovative AI tool named “Backseat AI,” specifically designed to assist League of Legends players. The tool serves as a virtual assistant, offering real-time coaching, in-game statistics, and strategic advice based on current game events.

Tyler1 announced the launch via Twitter, stating, “I created Backseat AI, so I can keep helping y’all be alphas even when I’m not there! Get real-time coaching, stats, starts, and more from yours truly! Other creator AI buddies (are) coming soon, let me know who you want to see next… let’s f**king go!”

During his broadcast on the same day, Tyler1 provided more details about his new project. However, some viewers expressed skepticism, claiming that the AI start-up might be a scam. In response, the Missouri native firmly denied these allegations. “It’s kind of like AI League coaching but it’s not AI. Just listen. Just watch. It’s not NFTs. I’m not a scammer. This is not a scam. By the way, before watching this, this is not a scam. My name is actually on this. There is no scam here. There are no NFTs, there is no… I’m not a scammer. If I wanted to scam you, I would,” he elaborated.


What is Backseat AI? Tyler1 Explains Its Benefits

At the two-hour mark of his Twitch stream, Tyler1 took the opportunity to explain Backseat AI and its potential to enhance League of Legends gameplay. He described the AI-powered tool as an “in-game coach” that provides situational advice and recommendations. For example, if a Draven player encounters an enemy team that is heavily stacking armor, Backseat AI will suggest the optimal items to counter this strategy.

“Let me give you an example. Let’s say that you’re playing… Draven, right? You don’t know what to build, the enemy team starts stacking a lot of armor or something like that. There’s a box and you don’t have to use the AI voice if you don’t want to. But the AI will tell you, ‘Yo! They’re building armor. This is the exact item you should build!’ Things like this for different game scenarios,” Tyler1 explained.

Early Stages and Future Development

Tyler1 disclosed that Backseat AI is currently in its early alpha stage and emphasized the need for more data to refine the tool. “Guys, we kind of need more data because this is… this isn’t even beta, by the way. This is early alpha. We’re just starting, by the way, guys. This is very, very, very, very early! Very early!” he noted.


Despite being in its nascent stages, the introduction of Backseat AI has already generated significant interest within the League of Legends community. Tyler1’s proactive stance against the skepticism and his commitment to transparency underscore his dedication to providing a genuine and helpful tool for players. As Backseat AI evolves, it promises to become an invaluable resource for gamers seeking to improve their skills and strategic understanding of the game.

In conclusion, Tyler1’s launch of Backseat AI represents a significant step towards integrating advanced technology into the gaming experience. By offering real-time, context-sensitive advice, this tool aims to enhance player performance and enjoyment. Tyler1’s assurance that Backseat AI is “not a scam” and his focus on continuous improvement suggest a promising future for this innovative project.


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