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Who is Bobby Vaughn? Where is The Docuseries ‘The Curse of Von Dutch’ Star Now?

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Bobby Vaughn

Hulu just released The Curse Of Von Dutch: A Brand To Die For. The television drama series explores the brand’s fame and its downfall also showing the dark secrets of Bobby Vaughn, the co-founder.

About Bobby Vaughn

Bobby Vaughn was born in Santa Cruz in February 1975. He co-founded Von Dutch in the 2000s. Although the brand was immediately a huge success, it went downhill with the same speed. 

Six years after the brand was established, Bobby allegedly shot and killed his friend Mark Rivas in a fight. Both were apparently drunk at that time and Rivas attacked Bobby with a beer bottle. 

Vaughn immediately called 911 and said that he did it in self-defense. 

Bobby Vaughn
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Even though Bobby Vaughn was charged with first-degree murder, he was released after Mark’s death was ruled as Justifiable homicide by the jury. 


However, this incident ruined Bobby’s life as he was fired by the company’s CEO Tony Sorenson. Tony became the CEO when the company was in need of funds. Bobby lost his stakes in the brand too. 

Bobby Vaughn then moved to New York where he was sentenced to five years of probation for carrying an unregistered weapon with him. 

Where Is The Designer Now?

Bobby was released in 2009. He then opened his own surfing shop in New York. Since he grew up in coastal regions, he had a love for surfing and decided to pursue it after Von Dutch went down. 

Vaughn has always been private with his life and nothing is known about his kids or spouse. He does not even have a social media presence. 

In a recent interview with The New York Times, the designer said that he is trying hard to turn his life around but sometimes people get scared by his looks. He also said that he wants to “show the street kids here — whether they’re surfers or kids from the projects — that they can do it too.”


The Curse Of Von Dutch-

The show features Bobby Vaughn who goes from owning an established brand to losing everything in one night. It explores the lives of people who allegedly created Von Dutch i.e. Michael Cassel, Bobby, and Ed Boswell. 

It also features the luxury that Von Dutch provided its clients with. Several actresses were seen wearing the brand during the early 2000s. However, after the “Bobby” scandal the brand lost its charm. 

Andrew Renzi has directed the show.


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