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Cobra Kai: Will The Karate Kid Part 3 Villain Terry Silver Appear on Season 4?

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Young Terry Silver

There are rumors that Young Terry Silver will also appear in the fourth season of Cobra Kai. The role of Silver is played by Thomas Ian Griffith. Netflix made an announcement in May this year that the actor will continue to play Silver in season four too. In the upcoming season, there will be “Flashback episodes” and Nick is reportedly a part of them. 

What Did Nick Marini Say-

In an interview with Conan O’Brien in November this year, Nick Marini did reveal that he has some upcoming projects. Although he did not mention any names fans were speculating that one of the projects might be the role of Young Terry in Cobra Kai.

Talking about Young Terry Silver, the actor said, “It was an honor to play such a central figure, especially in the flashbacks.”

“I think if you meet me it will be very different than if you meet him in ‘Karate Kid III’. And Thomas Ian Griffith is such a talented person as both an actor and a martial artist. It was definitely like this, oh, I better bring it with me. Both physically and mentally,” Marini added.

He also told Conan that his motive was to show a new side of his character to the audience. 

Conan O’Brien then asked him the reason why he still has long hair just like his character in the series. He hinted and asked if this was because he will still appear on the show? 

Nick Marini then answered, “Well, I’m really me – when the pandemic struck, I just haven’t had it since, it is.” 

Earlier this year, in April one of the makers of Cobra kai tweeted that fans can expect more flashbacks in the upcoming season. This confirms that there will at least be flashback episodes. However, fans are eager to see more of Young Terry Silver on the show. 

Cobra Kai Storyline-

The show is based on Johnny Lawrence as he struggles with life after abandoning his son and ex-wife. He forms a group of bullied kids and helps them gain self-confidence and teaches them Karate. With a dramatic back story, Johnny remembers how he used to learn karate from his master John Kreese, who ran the original Cobra Kai. Johnny infuses his methods and values and teaches the social outcasts. The show is a mix of values as the kids try and learn skills from Johnny while dealing with personal problems.



The show’s season 4 will release in December this year. The seasons till now have received a rating of 93% on Rotten Tomatoes. It was also 2018’s best-reviewed TV drama by Rotten Tomatoes. Fans have exceptionally loved the moving storyline as the first season had a viewership of 50 million on Netflix.


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