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The Boys Season 4: Release date,rumors, cast updates, strike delay, and more

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The Boys season 4

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The superhero show The Boys season 4 is making everyone curious now and here’s everything we know about it. Well, ever since the third season of it came out. The ending of the season left the viewers on the edge of their seats. Hence, only season 4 of The Boys can make them happy.

Read ahead to know more about The Boys season 4 and all its updates.

The Boys season 4 release date

The Boys season 4 has been much awaited by viewers for a long. As everyone wants to know if there’s a release date for season 4 or not. Well, previously it was said that early 2024 will have the fourth season of The Boys. However, now it has been postponed.

Yes, the release of season 4 is postponed and it’s due to the strikes by Writer’s Guild Of America and SAG Aftra actors. The executive producer of the show as such tweeted that the release of season 4 may depend on the duration of these strikes.

Cast of The Boys season 4

While we expect most of the key characters to be back in season 4 of The Boys. We are also excited to see some new faces in the upcoming season. As we will have Susan Heyward as Sister Sage, and Valorie Curry as Firecracker.

The two of them will be superheroes and their look has come out long back. So, yes with some old superheroes, you will have some new ones in action too. Not to miss, season 4 of The Boys is expected to come out on Amazon Prime Video to watch.

More about The Boys Season 4

You are likely to see some of the characters missing as they won’t be there in season 4. Like you can’t have Black Noir. Further, some more characters passed away in the third season and hence they can’t be seen in the upcoming season for sure.

Don’t expect to see Crimson Countess, Gunpowder, Swatto, Mindstorm, TNT Twins (Tommy and Tessa). But we will have to wait for the release of the fourth season to know everything in detail. We then might get to watch a trailer for the upcoming season too. Yet that will take some time.


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