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American Horror Story Season 12: Unveiling the Release Date, Star-Studded Cast, and Where to Catch Kim Kardashian’s Debut

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American Horror Story Season 12



The anthology series, American Horror Story: Delicate is arriving soon and you surely won’t be thinking of missing it. Well, the hype for season 12 of American Horror Story has been going on for a long. But finally, we can count the days now. As the title of the new season makes viewers excited. So, when is American Horror Story: Delicate to premiere?

Read ahead to know more about American Horror Story: Delicate and all its updates.

American Horror Story season 12 gets the title “Delicate”

The anthology series American Horror Story has given so many seasons to the viewers so far. Although they haven’t got enough of it. Hence, for this year too we have a new season coming up and it has been given a catchy title too.

Yes, arriving season 12 has its title “American Horror Story: Delicate”. Moreover, the season is to premiere soon and we have a fresh new story as always for the anthology series this time. While we will let you know about its cast and other details too if you have been looking forward to it.

When is American Horror Story: Delicate to Premiere?

The posters of American Horror Story: Delicate has been making all curious to watch the upcoming season. Though many might have missed to note down the premiere date of the new season of the anthology series. Need not worry as we have the dates already available for you right here.

The American Horror Story: Delicate is to premiere on 30th September. The same will arrive on FX to be watched. Meanwhile, this year you’ll get to see another horrifying story with some unexpected casts in it. So, don’t miss to watch the season.


More about American Horror Story: Delicate

Season 12 of American Horror Story this time is having its cast Kim Kardashian, Cara Delevingne, and Emma Roberts. The poster has been making the viewers excited as this time you are going to have a story about spiders this season.

On Hulu, the season would come out a day later after its premiere on FX. The story of this season is based on Danielle Valentine’s book “Delicate Condition”. As it shares a story about a woman who believes she isn’t having a baby because of evil spirits preventing her from doing so. How things then unfold is all in the upcoming season of the anthology series.


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