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Ted Lasso Season 2 Episode 11 Release Date and Time, Recap, Countdown

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Ted Lasso Season 2 Episode 11

Ted Lasso Season 2 episode 11 is the previous episode to the last of this season. So, some major twists and turns are ready to begin. This episode is the recent release that makes the fans rise in the show’s pace. Spoilers Alert!

Now, Richmond FC needs to play further and finish the season completely with the same passion they begin the season. The last episode dealt with the traumas that Rebecca and Ted experience. 

Coincidently, the traumas experiencing by them are relating to their passed-on fathers. The storyline is at each other’s odds. As for now, Rebecca decides to withdraw things with Sam. Whereas, Ted is now opening up with Sharon. Two different ships going in a different direction. Also, it is unclear that Rupert is really focusing on Nate or not. 

On the other hand, Jamie confesses to Keeley Jones that he has feelings for her. Although, he knows she is with Roy, and also things could turn miserable. Let’s have to wait for it! As Episode 11 starts and dig deeper into these two characters. I.E. Keeley and Jamie let’s dive deep to know more from this episode! 

Ted Lasso Season 2 Episode 10: Recap

Episode 10 is full of the sadness and sufferings of Rebecca and Ted’s father. 

The episode starts with Rebecca getting caught with Sam to her mother, Deborah. Well, her mother came there to tell rather urgent news. Her father passed away. Later, she attends the funeral with her friends and from AFC Richmond at her side. 

Ted Lasso Season 2 Episode 11
Ellie Taylor and Anthony Head in “Ted Lasso” season two, now streaming on Apple TV+.

Before giving the eulogy, Rebecca is with Keeley, Sassy, Nora, and Deborah. Her friends understand her well. What Keeley and Sassy is been suspecting became true! She is seeing someone. Whereas, Rebecca admits that it is Sam. Then, her friends are really rejoicing the moment. 

Why is Rebecca not giving a eulogy to her father?

Surely, an emotional moment with Rebecca and her mother. Subsequently, she reveals that Rebecca saw her dad with some woman. She found him cheating. So, she started to sing “Never Gonna Give You Up”. After everyone joins them, slowly. Another classical Ted Lasso scene. 

At the same time, Ted opens about his father’s suicide to Sharon. On the other side, Rupert whispers something to Nate. 

Suddenly, when everyone turns attention to Rebecca hugging Sam, Rebecca says everyone should cease to see them two. She adds, she doesn’t want to get him hurt as he is a wonderful human being. Finally, the episode ends with a warm hug of Ted and Sharon.

Ted Lasso Season 2 Episode 11
Phil Dunster and Juno Temple in “Ted Lasso” season two, now streaming on Apple TV+.

Ted Lasso-Season 2 Episode 11: Spoilers

In the next episode, there would be some improvements such as Jamie confessing his love to Keeley. These improvements could finalize the plot for this season, at least. This is going to bloom like a triangle love plot! As for Keeley, she is happy with Roy. His attitude serves her as a perfect match, preferably like Keeley. As for Jamie, Keeley has some kind of feelings for Jamie too, but he put himself in a place that he didn’t even dare. Let’s hope Jamie doesn’t spoil the situation Keeley is in. Yet, whatever it is, there is going to be a triangle love here. Although, all the media is more or less similitude to this plot. At the east, Ted Lasso would be different from it. Also, Ted opens up with a little bit of fact about himself. So, everything is breaking down altogether. 

As the season approaches the finale, Ted and the team should be in a better position. That is the anticipation. Yet, there are some potential red cards for them. One is Rupert. He already whispers something to Nate. What could it be? What’s going on between them! With all the hardship, maintaining secrecy, yet the acute relationship of Rebecca and Sam facing some stuck-on behaviors. It is going to be interesting to watch how the relationship between Rebecca and Sam getting to a conclusion. 

Ted Lasso Season 2 Episode 11: Release Date and Time

Ted Lasso Season 2 Episode 11 is set to release on Friday, October 1, 2021, at 3 am ET on Apple TV+. The title of Ted Lasso Season 2 Episode 11 is “Midnight Train to Royston”. Episode 11 is written by Sasha Garron.

Where to watch? You can watch Ted Lasso Season 2 Episode 11 online on Apple TV+. New episodes of Ted Lasso Season 2 drop every Friday.


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