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Foundation Episode 3 Release Date and Time, Spoilers, and Recap

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Foundation Episode 3

Foundation builds a lot of excitement among fans due to the storyline change of Seldon. Seldon’s death will lead to many things and fans are excited to know about it. Episode 2 is full of interest and leaves behind an important question that will be answered in Foundation Episode 3. Let’s find what is that question and what all happened in episode 2 and what can further happen in episode 3. 

Foundation Episode 3 Spoilers-

The title of the episode is ” The Mathematician’s Ghost”. The episode will revolve around Hari Seldon’s death as it remained a big question in episode 2. It will be shown that how despite Seldon’s death, Foundation Team will try to move forward to save humanity without their leader, Hari Seldon. Further, it will be shown that how the emperor and administration deal with attacks on the planets. Dusk is old now, so he hands over many of his responsibilities to the young emperor, Day. It seems that this new change will lead to a big fight. It will be exciting to see what all will happen. 

Foundation Episode 2 Recap-

The title of the episode is “Bad Romance”. In the episode, Dr, Hali Seldon plans to establish his Foundation project. The project is on civilization preserving. Earlier, Seldon is sentenced to death by his adoptive son Raych. It was done before his eyes only which makes into more painful. Then in this episode, Raych and Gaal spent some together in Seldon’s spaceship. They spent many months and weeks there. So, they become an item there. Both try to keep it a secret from their mentor. Gaal and Raych share a romantic relationship.

Foundation Episode 2

Gaal has removed the zygote by surgery and store it for transport. She does this due to the ship’s protocol. Gari and Hari do everyday business there. The suicide bombers from the warring planets of Anacreon cause death to around 10,000 million people which is a great number. But weeks have passed since this incident happened, but there is no information about the real culprit behind all this. 

The three emperors have different opinions on this incident. Brother Dusk is worried about his younger brothers. He blows up the captive ambassador of the planet at a dinner meeting. Also, he traveled to meet a priest. This is the same priest to whom Gaal approaches before her departure. Gaal approaches him to ask about their further future.

Brother day is the leader of the trio group. He has an amazing idea in his mind. To send two lead ambassadors, Anacreon and Thespian, he makes a plan. He order the imperial fleet to bombard the two planets so that they could be easily visible from space. Then, he saw a beautiful image of horrific violence. Brother Day has no time left for his Brother Dusk’s melancholy. He spent that time restoring his quarters. Gaal makes one revelation to Raych that Seldon’s calculation has missing pieces and now it will not affect the prediction. So, Raych drops the idea of murdering Hari. 


In the end, As the ship moves on, Raych races with Gaal to escape the pod and blasts. But Seldon’s death case is still a big question. It may be revealed in Episode 3. 

Foundation Episode 2

Foundation Episode 3 Release Date and Time-

Foundation Episode 3 is going to be released on October 1, 2021, at 12 AM EDT on Apple TV Plus. The Title of Foundation Episode 3 is “The Mathematician’s Ghost“. And the Episode is directed by Alex Graves and written by Olivia Purnell.

Here are the times in different timezones –

  • 12 AM ET in USA and Canada
  • 5 AM BST in UK
  • 8 AM GST in UAE
  • 9:30 AM IST in India
  • 12 PM SGT in Singapore
  • 1 PM JST in Japan
  • 2 PM AEST in Australia

Where to Watch?

You can watch all the episodes of Foundation including Episode 3 online on Apple TV Plus.


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