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Lupin Season 4 Expected Release Date, and Everything We Know

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Lupin season 4

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Lupin, the French mystery thriller is here with its third season and fans can’t stop thinking about season 4 already. Well, the French thriller has been giving viewers some really adventurous storyline to watch with all its seasons so far. But fans are excited to know if there could be a season 4 too.

Read ahead to know more about if the Lupin series is going to have season 4 or not.

Lupin season 3 is finally here

After a wait of a long time, we finally got the new episodes of Lupin season 3 to come on 5th October 2023. But with that, the hopes of viewers of the series are on the rise to know if there could be a season 4 or not. So, right now all we have for viewers is season 3 to watch.

Apart from that, the show’s creators or Netflix hasn’t made any announcement about the season 4 arrival so far. Hence, we are left to only assume what may happen in the future. Also, the viewership of season 3 has a key role to play here. Because only if viewers love the third season, a season 4 is likely to get a green signal.


Expected release date of Lupin season 4

However, we are currently left only with assumptions for season 4 of Lupin. If it follows the same releasing pattern. Then we may get season 4 to arrive during the fall of 2024. Hopefully, we’ll know about this in the coming months for sure.

Also, viewers are excited to know who will be making their return in season 4 of Lupin and what could be the storyline of it. So, we do have some major hints from season 3 to estimate who’s going to return and who’s not. All you need is to watch season 3 closely to know more.


Cast and plot of Lupin season 4

Most of the key characters are expected to make their return if we get season 4 of Lupin. Omar Sy as Assane, Etan Simon, Naky Sy Savane, and Antoine Gouy are all expected back. So, definitely, we have a lot of casts to be back.

As far as the plot of season 4 is concerned. After knowing about Pellegrini we can hope for some adventures about that too. Also, if Assane is outside the jail then you can’t hope the season to go boring. Which is because there would be all the thrill back. But let’s hope all this comes true with an official confirmation of Lupin season 4.


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