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Invincible Episode 8 Release Date, Recap & Preview

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Invincible Episode 8

Invincible Episode 8: The Invincible animated superhero series created by Robert Kirkman. Its first episode was released on 26th March 2021. Invincible Episode 7 has received 9.8 out of 10 on IMDB and overall 96% in Rotten Tomatoes. In this short amount of time, it made quite a good fanbase and all the fans are eagerly waiting for every episode to drop. Finally, the series comes to end and fans are really excited for Invincible Season 2. The release date of season 2 is not revealed yet. As fans really appreciate season one of Invincible, there’s is a high chance of season 2.

Invincible Episode 8: Release Date & Where To Watch

Invincible Episode 8 will be released on upcoming Friday 30 April 2021. Episode 8 is the final episode of Invincible season 1. The title of episode 8 will also be revealed on its released day.

Where to Watch? You can watch all new episodes of Invincible Season 1 on Amazon Prime Video.

Invincible Episode 7: Recap

Invincible Episode 7 was released on April 23, 2021, titled “We Need to Talk”.

Debbie wakes up realizing that the events of the previous day were not a dream and Amber is still pissed off at Mark. Meanwhile, Eve gets ready for another day of saving the world. Debbie tries to get her husband to explain herself for murdering the Guardians of the Globe. Nolan tries to tell Debbie that all she has to do is trust him but she’s having none of that telling him to leave. Debbie tries to warn Mark with a phone call but after being sent to voicemail she snuck up on by Special Forces of the GDA.

Invincible Episode 8

William drops Amber off home and Mark falls after trying to make amends it doesn’t go well. He flies up to her room in his invincible outfit for the big reveal. Amber apparently already knew that Mark was a superhero. She still mad at him because it doesn’t change the fact that he was lying to her about it the whole time. Monster Girl returns from her recovery to find a surprise party welcoming her back at the Guardian’s HQ. It’s also revealed that Black Samson got his powers back during his recovery from the Battle Beast fight.

The robot is speaking with the Monster Girl when he starts to have a mini-breakdown and explains it was just a minor malfunction that he will soon have solved permanently. We see a man drive a truck up to the secret hideout of the Mauler Twins. The man turns out to be nothing more than a hologram as the true driver of the truck is revealed to be a robot.

Invincible Episode 8

The real robot, the horribly disfigured person in the tube has been controlling and acting the part of the superhero through his advanced drones this entire time. Phase one of his plans is to work with the Mauler Twins to get his consciousness transferred to a clone of Rex’s body. The robot quickly identifies multiple fail-safes that the Twins installed including time-released micro toxin sacs a cortical override and eight synaptic transceivers. The robot politely asks the Twins to remove the implanted devices and install one of its own upgrades. He assures the Twins that they will be given schematics to a device that can bend all but the strongest of willed individuals basically advanced mind control tag. As a sign of trust, the real robot disintegrates his only robot body leaving himself entirely at the mercy of the Mauler Twins.  This seems to be enough to win the Twins over and they comply with robots’ requests.

William and Margaret talking about the previous day, William accuses Mark of not helping find break sooner. Meanwhile, Mark is beating himself up over his life which he feels is quickly falling apart. William gives Mark a reality check telling him to quit sulking and suggesting the only part he really messed up was with Amber. Mark doesn’t appreciate the advice and heads off to find a more sympathetic listener.

Debbie arrives with Donald at the GDA headquarters. Cecil reveals to Debbie that he knew about Nolan’s crimes the entire time earning his slap to the face for his honesty. Showing a fair bit of bravery he goes on to reveal more truths telling Debbie. The GDA is orchestrating a plan to kill Nolan and that Mark is to be the spearhead of the operation. Cecil believes Mark is the only one capable of such a task.


Invincible Episode 8

We get a scene of Omni man, explaining to Mark how he had to kill the guardians of the globe. It turns out to be nothing more than a practice pitch. As Omni man is talking into the wind atop Mount Everest in preparation for the real deal.

The Robot

The Mauler Twins have finished prepping the clone for robots transfer. We learn that the robot is doing this all to be closer to Monster Girl and the Twins extricated from his life-supporting tank. The Twins feel obligated to inform the robot that the procedure is in a transfer it only creates a copy of his mind. The robot understands this and is completely fine with it. We get a first-person perspective of the process as the new robot awakens at first seeing his original mangled hands. But eventually blinking the normal hands of his cloned body. After some complications, the cloning contraption procedure is a success. Though it seems to be at the cost of the original robot’s life. The new robot remarks at the sense of cont inuity between his old and new self. The Mauler Twins explained that such an experience was intentionally built into the cloning process in that it is to ensure that neither of them would know which is the clone and which is the original.


The conversation is interrupted by the coughing grasps of the original robot. After a short exchange of reassurances, the new robot removes the mask that was keeping the original alive. The new robot upholds his side of the bargain handing over the schematics for the control device. But as it turns out he also planned to bring the Twins back to jail right after. The upgrade that the robot had the Twins install and his new body was in neural uplink preserving robots telemetric control over his drones. He summons two of them to fight the Twins. However, the Mauler Twins are able to bring down the opposing duo with relative ease.

So it was that robot was forced to reveal his hidden ace as the truck he rode in on was a literal transformer rearranging itself into a mechanical Goliath.

Omni-man returns home to find his son and Debbie instead he only finds one of the camouflage GDA agents. The realization that Cecil had a team of specialists waiting at his home did not have a calming effect on Omni man. Omni-man demonstrated his lack of calmness by crushing the agents killing him instantly.

Quickly looking around Omni man spots two more of the invisible agents and they opened fire on him. The munitions stalked by the GDA are utterly ineffective against Omni man as he grabs the rifle and shoots through his invisible head. Omni man pushes another agent into the kitchen counter severing him in two. He turns his gaze toured the only agent left who suddenly realizes the precariousness of their predicament. Omni man doesn’t take any prisoners though sending the agent sailing from the house with what has to be the worst case of scoliosis imaginable. Her condition proves to be fatal but not before she tips Omni-man to the GDA surrounds team stationed in the house across the street.

Donald lunches for a nearby set of controls Omni man pounces seizing Donald by the spine. Donald utters a final statement it’s been an honor Sir then slams his fists down on a button. Omni man has only a moment to contemplate who it is that Donald was speaking to before a miniaturized Halo detonates engulfing the entire house and explosive blast.

Cecil and Debbie witnessed the dramatic conclusion to the encounter from a remote location. Cecil spares some choice words for his fallen comrade and Debbie grapples with the gravity of this situation. Cecil was hoping to knockout Omni man for a few hours with a blast. It turns out not to have hurt him at all and he takes off in search of Mark.

We find out that Mark was heading over to see Eve and to talk with her. Back at the Mauler Twins hideout, we see the hulking robot pursuing the blue Twins firing a series of green lasers from its arm-mounted blasters.

One of the Twins takes aim at the vulnerable cloned body of the robot and fires. The robot reacted quickly however neutering an arm from his sizable drone to intercept the threat.  Just when the robot backs the two clones into a corner he’s interrupted by an apocalypse’s level priority calling him back to guardians HQ. William is heading to Mark’s house when Omni-man lands directly in his path. Omni-man seems pretty pissed-off and begins questioning William as to Mark’s whereabouts. William is able to ramble off that Mark went to see Eve and Omni man takes off.

Invincible Episode 8

Back at guardians HQ, Cecil tells the team to sit tight doesn’t explain why. Samson asks if the robot can figure out what is there being kept in the dark about however robot is unresponsive. Demonstrating exemplary timing the new robot reveals himself much to the shock of Rex.  He explains that he was behind the robot they all knew and that his real name is Rudolph Conners.

Cecil continues to track Omni man’s positions throwing together a slapdash plan to buy some time. Eve offers Mark condolences for the dumping he suffered at the hands of Amber. However, she thinks he was a bit naïve for not seeing it coming. Omni-man cuts a quick pace across the landscape as a faint blue Ray of light appears and then gradually intensifies all around him.

A wave of devastation washes over Omni man as the nearby wilderness is subjected to catastrophe. It turns out that the GDA has an enormous laser-equipped satellite in low orbit and they used it to try and put Omni man down for good.

A practically pristine Omni man launches from the point of impact soaring skyward on a direct path for the satellite. Cecil orders a second shot at the unstoppable force and the Omni man meets its head-on taking the full brunt of the attack. In a matter of seconds, he reduces the $400 billion investment down to a plummeting piece of debris suffering only a minor Nosebleed in the process. At this point that Cecil decides to speak with the Omni man directly. Through his explanation to the guardians, it’s revealed that Rudolph off copied himself into an adolescent clone of Rex all for Monster Girl. He w as trapped like her and now that he’s free he wants to help free Monster Girl from the curse of a body that gets younger with every use of her power.


Rudolph isn’t quite able to sell his team on the nobility of his hidden agenda. However, before the unwitting cloned owner is able to continue his tirade he’s interrupted by black Samson.

Samson was able to tap into GDA feeds bring up the footage of Omni man destroying the satellite weapon on the big screen for everyone to see. Eve sees the far-off flash of light from Omni man’s recent fight with a ridiculous amount of taxpayer’s money, Mark says it isn’t his problem anymore as he wants to quit being a hero.

Invincible Episode 8

Eve isn’t so deterred rushing off to help however she can telling Mark he’ll regret it if he does nothing when he could be saving lives. Omni man resumed his flight only to take a blast from Cecil holding an advanced-looking rifle. Cecil knew he wouldn’t be able to hurt Omni man but still wanted to get his attention. Cecil surprise Omni-man immediately tries to murder him. However, Cecil is quicker on the draw using his teleportation device. Cecil continues teleporting around attempting to play at Omni man’s emotional side in an effort to glean an explanation for his actions. He only manages to further anger the turned hero. Cecil teleports back to GDA headquarters just as three drop pods crashed all around Omni man.

A trio of cyborg burst forth from the pods taking Omni man by surprise and punching his scroll into the ground with such significant force there begin to crack and crumble all around. Cecil explains the Debbie that DA Sinclair was contracted to put his tech to work of fallen GDA agents. The cyborg soldiers proved to be quite the formidable force against Omni man but in the end, it isn’t enough.

Omni-Man, Invincible Vs. Cyborgs and Kaiju

Omni man dislocates the head of two Cyborg and tears the third in half. This failed attempt is followed up by Cecil ordering in what he calls his Hail Mary to deal with Omni-man.

Invincible Episode 8

Meanwhile, we see the Mauler Twins reattaching the Immortal’s head to his body as they prepared to take control of his mind once he’s brought back the life.

Omni-man returns to his mission of finding his son. That is until the biggest distraction yet blinked into existence directly in front of Omni man path. Cecil attempts to use a Kaiju that he’s already defeated against him.

Cecil quips back that they removed the Kaiju pain center and used it up with every drug enhancement and upgrade they had made for a more even match-up. Omni-man tries to flee the scene but the enriched Kaiju makes it clear that he won’t let Omni man escape without a fight.

Around this time 2 news helicopters arrive on the scene. Regarding spectate the fight and it appears that Omni man it’s losing. The guardians want to help fight the Kaiju only to be informed by Cecil that if things go south they will need to help and take him down Omni man. Rex puts two and two together and suggests that Omni man is what happened to the last Guardians of the Globe team.

Cecil tries to contact Mark through eve’s phone but the two young heroes arrived to see Omni fighting with the monster. Mark or rather invincible darts in to save his dad knocking into the loose from the monsters. As father and son trade blows with the enormous beast Cecil orders Eve not to help her interfere. When the Kaiju snatches up Mark, Debbie request Cecil to call off the monster before it kills her son.

Cecil explains that he doesn’t know who side Mark is on and he can call off what might be the only way to stop both of the vitrinite supers. Debbie comments that such a cold and calculating demeanor is why she hates Cecil. Cecil admits that he hates himself for the very same reason.

Mind controlling conner and the Mauler Twins tried to determine why the Immortal refuses to rise from the dead. One of the Twins begins wailing on his chest deciding it’s the best way to proceed not because he thinks it will work but because it feels good.

Surprisingly it’s effective and the Immortal’s life begins to flash before his eyes as he is beaten back to life. We learned that he was a tribal warrior who found a mysterious well of power one that gave him his powers essentially making him Immortal. We see other snippets of his life one where he’s a medieval night as well as when he was Abraham Lincoln before finally setting on his modern superhero title of the Immortal. The last thing he remembered was the site of Omni-man’s hand as it was brought down for decapitation.

With the final memory the Immortal jolts back to the land of the living demanding to know where Omni man is. The Mauler Twins try to take control with the conner’s device from the robot. However, the power of blinding rage is stronger and the Immortal tears the device apart.

Omni-Man Vs. Immortal

Seeing the crazy in his eyes the Twins back off arms raised in a clear gesture of surrender and the Immortal takes off in search of his glory. Cutting back to the fight with Hail Mary we see that invincible and Omni-man make a pretty good team. They pull up multiple coordinated maneuvers momentarily knocking the monster to the ground. A moment of distraction allows the Kaiju to recover delivering powerful blows to both of the supers. At the same moment, the Immortal flies onto the scene he calls out and slams Omni-man into the ground leaving invincible to fend for himself against the monster.

Omni man launches the once dead heroes skyward and follows in pursuit only to be propelled back towards the earth by the Immortal’s fists. Around that time a nearby news helicopter spots to struggling and broadcast the fight for the entire world to see.

Mark also gets a front-row tentacle to witness the fight as it unfolds. More than anything it seems that the Omni man is mainly trying to fend off the Immortal so that he can reach and help out his son.

Invincible in a stroke of brilliance draws a monster directly into the path of electrical power line shocking and presumably incapacitating the towering threat. Once again the Immortal leaves himself open when he rears back for a haymaker and Omni-man capitalizes plunging his fists through the Immortal’s torso.


Spectators from around the world watching shocked silence at the gruesome turn of events taking place on the screen. In a final act of desperation, the Immortal grabs the Omni man on each side of his face and begins to gouge out the bill termites’ eyes. Omni man’s will and ostensibly muscles proved to be stronger as he used his free arm to completely suffer the greater half of the Immortal’s body from the lesser and shook the pain out of his bloodshot eyes. Watching the two folding halves of the former Guardian of the globe invincible is smart enough to realize that something is definitely off. Omni-man probably thinking this to be the worst possible circumstances under which to broach the heavy subject tells his son that they need to talk.


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