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iCarly 2021 Episode 7 Release Date, Recap & other Details

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iCarly episode 7 is directed by Anthony Rich and written by Franchesca Ramsey. The title of iCarly episode 7 is “iNeed Space“. The series is created by Dan Schneider starring Miranda Cosgrove, Nathan Kress, Jerry Trainor, Jaidyn Triplett, and Laci Mosley. The first episode of iCarly was premiered on 17 June 2021. Basically, this series is a reboot version of the same name 2007 Nickelodeon television series.

Previously on iCarly

The episode begins with Carly and the entire gang at Carly’s apartment. They’re all just talking and everything when Carly receives flowers from her fan telling her happy birthday. Carly immediately notices out of bed as she throws the flowers in the trash. Because whenever it’s her birthday something bad always happens. Then Spencer tries to ease her up about this birthday curse but then curly explains some of the horrible situations that have happened to her on her birthday. For example, her birthday on her bedroom game set on fire by accident. she just has bad luck on her birthday. So then an old surprise guest makes an appearance Principal Franklin from the original iCarly series. As he stops unexpectedly to give Carly and Freddie their notes that they written back in high school about their future what they would be at and everything. Principal Franklin leaves Carly and Freddie, they both read the notes.

iCarly episode 7

Carly is a little bit impressed with her notes. Freddie realizes that he has spent a majority of his time in his 20s not doing really anything important since he’s been married twice and already divorced twice. He already has a kid, so Freddy decides to get back into his youth. Meanwhile, we see Harper at her job just serving customers until her idol comes in “Alexander” a fashion photographer. Basically, Harper is starstruck, not full crazy but she can’t do her drop her job properly. Then Spencer decides that he wants to throw Carly a surprise birthday party to help her break this curse. Harper asks Spencer for advice about her idol why she’s so afraid like so nervous whenever she’s around him and everything.  


So nighttime arrives, Carly is in her apartment worried about what to do with her pie because she fears that something bad is going to happen. She decides to put her pie in the fridge. She gets a text message from Spencer to water his plants. Then she goes down to Spencer’s place and she sees the surprise birthday party. At first curly is understandably annoyed because something bad always happens at her birthday party. She slowly gives him into the ease but not completely yet. we see another person from the past I was in the original iCarly series Duke make his return. Spencer announces that nobody is allowed to leave Carly’s birthday party. Freddie comes sees Duke and they all kick it up for old times’ sake.  

Curly meets Mystic Zagnut like a psychic and he tries to help her break this curse. And he does help her break the curse but due to other issues up to his life, he gets put on a T-shirt unexpectedly. He dies on the spot. Freddie makes a fool of himself drinking and everything. He ends up throwing up on the fashion photography model Alexander. Harper follows him around just to stop being so afraid of him trying to actually talk to him.  Meanwhile, the birthday continues and curly starts to have a good time. she realizing that the curse is over when two coroners come in and take the body away successfully. 

iCarly episode 7

Everything seems to be going all good until Alexander comes back saying since that guy is there can I have his something. Carly finds out she is automatically upset again. So that’s how the episode ends. 

iCarly Episode 7: Release Date, Time & Where to watch

iCarly 2021 Episode 7 will be released on Thursday, 15 July 2021 at 3 AM ET. The title of episode 7 is “iNeed Space“. Every episode of iCarly dropped on Thursday. There will be a total of 13 episodes with a runtime of 23-26 minutes.

Where to watch? You can watch all-new episodes of iCarly 2021 on Paramount+. Episode 7 will premiere tomorrow on Paramount+. The series is only available to its paid users. You can buy Paramount+ subscription from their app or official website.

iCurly 2021: Trailer

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