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Hawkeye Series: A complete Hawkeye Trailer Breakdown for Avengers fans!

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As per fans’ anticipation, the Hawkeye trailer was released by MCU on Monday. Absolutely, Hawkeye is a feast to one’s eye who watched the trailer. 

Everyone who witnessed the Hawkeye trailer, one thing is lucid. This series is surely different from a serious superhero film. Hawkeye is going to give us a feel-good, entertaining series. Most importantly, the relationship between Clint Barton and Kate Bishop is intact in the Hawkeye trailer. As fans, we expect the same in the series too! In this article, you are going to know about all the interpretations of the Hawkeye Trailer Breakdown.   

Introducing Hailee Steinfeld: 

Firstly, at the beginning of the trailer, Hawkeye is relishing with his family. One important thing to note in this scene is that he is with his children and his wife is not present. While seeing this, fans predict that wife is dead! No one should get the sums wrong here. Prove this wrong, in this same trailer; Hawkeye speaks with someone calling them “babe”. Indeed, that should be his wife. As they are eating and chit-chatting, we the fans can see Hailee Steinfeld (daughter of Joe Russo). He made her act in a role in Endgame. Now, the role is continuing in this series too! (FYI, This series is a continuation of Endgame). As there is a serious problem held with Joe Russo and Disney. So, we don’t know how long Hailee will be there, doing this role. We have to wait and see it!

Hawkeye trailer: The Rogers Music Festival

As per the trailer, Hawkeye and his children are at Rogers Music Festival. The symbol of Vibrainium Shield is displayed all over the place in the Hawkeye trailer. Hence, it is clear that Rogers Music Festival is nothing but honoring Captain America. 

It is seen from the trailer that, The Festival taking place somewhere from Hawkeye’s hometown. 

Interestingly, at the festival, a dance performance is taking place. We can see all the dancers there wearing the Avengers costume. Some dancers wear outfits like Captain America in the center, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow, and so on. 

Ronne is Back! Again! seen in Hawkeye trailer

Now, Hawkeye sees that Masked Vigilante returned again. As we already know, Jeremy Renner played Hawkeye as Ronin in the MCU film Avengers: Endgame (2019).  He is been the original Ronin and earns innumerable enemies during these five years (starting from Avengers Infinity War until Endgame). But, surprisingly, now some strange person is showing him as Ronin. Eventually, Hawkeye is curious about this. Well, he is also involving himself in this problem to save the fake Ronin from his enemies. (What a good-natured man he is!)


Here on, he starts to investigate who is this fake Ronin really is! He searches for the person. Most surprisingly, he finds the strange person is none other than Kate Bishop in Ronin’s disguise. Kate surprisingly exclaims, Hawkeye!! He is one thing to understand. No one from Avengers calls Clint Barton “Hawkeye”. This became a complete surprise to Hawkeye! (As he doesn’t know her but she knows his name!!) Well, this is absolutely normal. Why? Because, all humankind of Marvel Universe knows Clint as Hawkeye (a saver of the planet), but not as a normal person Mr. Clint. Whereas, Avengers are a close family! They call each other so friendly! As an example, Captain America calls Iron man as Tony and not Mr. Iron Man. And, about Endgame, when Hawkeye’s daughter accomplishes the archer task, he says to her “You are a perfect Hawkeye”. 

By this concept, we can understand “Clint” is just a name, while “Hawkeye” is a powerful name! Interesting isn’t it! Well, now Hawkeye is amazed by the fact “A small girl in Ronin’s outfit!” With such a shock, he questions, “Who are you?” Kate says, “I am an Archer”. Whatever it is, she is not really an entire Archer like Clint (The Hawkeye). But, it is surely a believing fact from the Hawkeye trailer; she learns abundant Archer skills from The “Real Hawkeye”.


Another important fact to note here is that not everyone outside the Avengers team knows that Hawkeye is Ronin. But, here Kate wears the outfit of Ronin and wants to learn Archery from Hawkeye is not merely a coincidence. Surely, this is something important fact to note about Kate. Isn’t It! 

In Avengers: Endgame, Ronin never shows his face as Hawkeye. When Natasha shows up, Hawkeye takes off his mask. With all these details, we can come to know that Ronin’s character is top-secret. Except for the Avengers group, no one knows Hawkeye is Ronin. Most Importantly, All these interesting facts are previously known by Kate Bishop. Well, heretofore, we as fans should believe Kate Bishop knows it too! 

Immediately, in the next sequence, Clint Barton asks Kate, “Are you one of them”. She replies with a nod, “Yes”. Yet, it is unclear whom Clint mentions here as “them”. 

Furthermore, in another sequence, When Ronin lifts up the sword after a conflict or training (why training, I have explained it below), the people encouraging Ronin by surrounding him as well as Hawkeye fighting or training people. And from the Hawkeye trailer, it is Kate Bishop who is in Ronin costume and not Hawkeye. From this very sequence, we can understand Kate is already a Ronin and not because of Hawkeye. 

According to Avengers in Comic, Ronin is a name (alias) of a Superhero and not a person’s name. Previously in earlier Avenger movies, Echo is been a Ronin. Later on, Clint becomes Ronin. Hence, there is been so many people having a name with “Ronin” and not just Clint! As Hawkeye is training people in the forest, this could be people who changed into Ronin or Ronin is not just a name but a whole Army. So, from the Ronin army, Kate could be a person among the family. So that, Clint asks her “Are you one among them?” And so, Hawkeye helps Kate in her role as Ronin. Who knows! Anything could happen!

The antagonists of the Hawkeye Series:

In the Hawkeye trailer, “Lucky” a dog is been shown. Before knowing about this dog; it is important to note about the antagonist of the series now. It is clearly noticeable that Hawkeye’s enemies are none other than “Track Suit Mafia”. Initially, this was mentioned in comics too! These Red Suit people have their head name “Ivan”. He had a pet dog. Even, the dog betrayed him (very sad). Later, keeps the dog with him and named him “Lucky”. This could this dog. 

In the later sequence, a woman in a red dress has been shown. Also, when Hawkeye gets stuck with this group. In that group, there is a girl who is also keeping a gunpoint towards Hawkeye. This all could mean that Track Suit Mafia group has female members too! Above that, there is a random talk that, Kingpin will be a leader of this group. 

Whatever is said above is the creator’s perception! Moreover, this is what “breakdown the trailer” is all about!

Finally, that’s it for today’s article, what do you think about this Hawkeye trailer? Please do share your thoughts with us in the comment below! We would love to read it! Thanks much for reading the whole article! 


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