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Get Ready for ‘Invasion’ Season 2: Release Date, Cast, and All the Details

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Invasion season 2

Image via Apple TV+


Invasion 2 is set to arrive soon and we have viewers looking forward to knowing when it’s coming out to watch. Well, even before the finale of season one of it. The second season of Invasion was announced to happen. Luckily, this month we would get to watch the new season. But when is it releasing?

Read ahead to know more about Invasion 2 and all its updates.

Invasion 2 release date

Invasion 2 is finally set to arrive on your screen. Although many of you don’t know exactly when the new episodes will drop. Well, the second season of Invasion is coming out on 23rd August and you’ll get to watch the same only on Apple Tv+.

Every week the viewers will get to watch new episodes of the second season of Invasion. Hence, you must not miss to watch the premiere of the second season of Invasion on Apple Tv

+ on 23rd August. As it has a new adventure coming up for all this season.

What’s the storyline of Invasion 2?

The very first season of Invasion introduced aliens coming to the planet. However, the real fight with them is all to arrive in the second season. As this season aliens would try to capture the planet. But the characters won’t let that happen so easily.

Invasion season 2
Image via Apple TV+

In the arriving season, you may see the heroes of the planet trying to communicate with the aliens. Though, the exact plot can only be known once the second season premieres on Apple Tv+. Which is to happen really soon this month.

The cast of Invasion 2? Is there any trailer for it?

The trailer for Invasion 2 has already come out last month. The trailer indicates the second season begins from a plot four months ahead of what we saw in the first season. But yes the battle between the humans and the aliens is still to continue and become even more messier this time.

As far as the cast is concerned then almost every cast members are set to return for Invasion 2. As we will have Aneesha, Trevante, Mitsuki, and Caspar to come back. Though Caspar is presumed dead. We still may get to see the character appearing in the second season. Rest you can know once the new episodes air this month.


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