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Former Child Star Alyson Stoner Set to Uncover Hollywood’s Secrets in Explosive New Podcast

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Alyson Stoner



Former Disney child actor Alyson Stoner is arriving with a sensational podcast and promises to expose Hollywood in the same. Well, if you have watched Alyson Stoner on Disney then you might be aware of them. Not to miss, Alyson Stoner uses they/them pronouns. Meanwhile, here’s everything to know about Alyson Stoner’s upcoming podcast.

Read ahead to know more about Alyson Stoner’s promises to expose Hollywood in her upcoming new podcast.

A little about Alyson Stoner

Alyson Stoner has been popularly known as a former Disney child actor. Stoner has acted in movies like Cheaper by the Dozens and Step Up, including the tv series titled Drake & Josh. Stoner was seven when they began their career in Hollywood at the young age of seven.

However, Alyson is currently all grown up and is 30 years old. They have recently revealed about their new podcast and it’s going to be something unexpected. As Stoner has promised to expose Hollywood in their new podcast that’s Dear Hollywood.

Alyson Stoner’s new podcast to Expose Hollywood

Alyson Stoner is arriving soon with their new podcast Dear Hollywood and it promises something you haven’t known yet. Yes, Alyson has promised that they would be exposing Hollywood in the same. The teaser for it is already out and it’s making everyone excited.

The video shows Alyson sitting on a velvet sofa as they begin to say “I’m Alyson, i started perfoming at three-year-old and working professionally in Hollywood at seven”. They go on to say “In Dear Hollywood, I’m going to take you to every stop of the way from toddler to train wreck. Are you here for gossip and conspiracy? For passive entertainment? For social activism?”.

More about Alyson Stoner’s podcast Dear Hollywood

In the video then Stoner says “No one’s ever called you into the conversation before, and I’m going to need your help”. The same was shared on Instagram and had a caption that was even more captivating. As it read “It’s time to Expose Hollywood. Child stardom is a unique cultural phenomenon with a notoriously dark shadow”.

Fans have ever since then been commenting on the post of Alyson Stoner. As one of the user wrote, “This is incredible. Thank you for using your voice. Can’t wait to support you through this. I’m so inspired by your bravery and power”.


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