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Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 5 Release Date and Time Confirmed

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Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 5

Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 5: The TNT Animal Kingdom is back with another exciting episode. According to TNT’s synopsis on Episode 4 of Season 5,” Deran follows up on Smurf’s will and loses patience with J calling the shots; Pope’s mental state is fragile; Craig is forced to deal with being a solo dad.”

We can’t miss out on today’s episode 4 because the season is at its peak.

Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 4 – Recap

Animal Kingdom S5 Episode 4 begins with Deran who is surfing. But as soon as he notices Livengood, he decides to leave.

Livengood is a DEA agent who tells a secret to Deran. He asks Deran who is sending money to Andrian. However, Deran denies that he doesn’t know.

On the other hand, Renn has gone to a friend’s bachelorette party in Reno. So, Deran comes to Craig and asks him if he spoke to J. J replied that he has not talked to J about Coke on the plane. To which J says that he couldn’t keep it anymore.

Suddenly, Pope comes in handcuffs. He was asking Police for the reason for his arrest. Chadwick tried to save him but he couldn’t. They were confused why he was arrested.

Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 5

Deran gave cash and asks J to hide the drugs in the safe. Pope was feeling low as he thought that he is the only person mourning his mother Smurf. Also, he feels alone as there is no one with whom he can share his feelings.

The situation gets worse off in Episode 4 as the boys are not working in order. Neither they have any plan nor any common goal. So, they feel frustrated with each other. Then, Deran meets Pamela who asks him to help her in buying the groceries.

Later, Pamela says that Smurf created this empire and she should let him earn it because he is not going to have it otherwise. J meets Deran and says that Deran is asking for an additional 20 percent.

Then, all the boys go to the pool party and J meets Pete. He alleged that he shouldn’t have shot her. And here, the episode comes to an end.

Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 5 – Spoilers

In Episode 5 of Season 5, we will get to see that Deran and J compete to get control over the family. Whereas Pamila will present the Codys with a risky proposition.

On the other hand, Pope processes a great loss by being a part of this violence. We will also see that Craig is going to kick-start his business with Frankie. So, the tensions multiplied between Deran and J as well as Craig.

In the meantime, Pope finds it difficult to deal with his depression. So he leaves the place and goes to a desert to handle his sadness. In the end, we will get to see a battle where Deran, J, and Craig will fight with the family’s reputation and everything at stake.


The different personalities in this show have made the show more exciting. Who is your favorite character in Animal Kingdom and why? Tell us in the comment box.

Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 5 – Release Date and Time

Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 5 is all set to release on Sunday, August 8, 2021, at 9 PM ET/PT on TNT. The title of Animal Kingdom Season 5 Episode 5 is “Family Business“.

Where to Watch? You can watch the latest episodes of Animal Kingdom Season 5 online on TNT. Currently, Season 5 is only available for TNT’s premium users. You can buy a TNT subscription to watch new episodes of Animal Kingdom. Apart from Season 5, You can watch all season 4 on Amazone Prime Video.

Animal Kingdom Season 5: Trailer

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