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Impractical Jokers Season 9 Episode 15 Release Date, Time, and Recap

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Impractical Jokers Season 9 Episode 15

Impractical Jokers Season 9 Episode 15: Season 9 is making people go crazy. The audience bursts into great laughter with it’s each scene. This time the episodes have really set the bar very high via their outstanding comedy.

Impractical Jokers Season 9 Episode 14 – Recap

In episode 14 of Impractical Jokers Season 9, we saw the guys pretending to be CEOs. Then, they started pitching to the customers for a creative company of their own.

The plan was that they would have a random meeting with fake investors. Since their VP is not there so, one of them would act the same. The plan will be successful once the investors ask for dinner.

At first, Murr enters as the owner of Shoe Company. He answers every question with utmost confidence. He is followed by Cam who pretends to be VP. Everyone gets impressed with his answers.


After that, Beth comes in and faces some personal questions. But she answers all of them calmly. Everything goes smooth and they are about to ask for dinner. Next in the row is Prince who comes in with Mo, who pretends to be VP.

Impractical Jokers Season 9 Episode 15

At first, they lose but then they managed everything nicely. Then comes in Q with Owen as VP. Owen becomes nervous and denies it first. But then she says yes. So in the end, it worked for Owen.

The second task is the Dating disaster. In this task, their bios were written by someone else. But unluckily, Murr loses the game for the first time with a very less score. And others don’t have to perform.

As his final task, Murr plays the flute he got in the second season of Impractical Jokers. But the twist was he would be surrounded by a bunch of snakes.

Impractical Jokers Season 9 Episode 15 – Release Date & Time

Impractical Jokers Season 9 Episode 15 is set to release on Thursday, August 5, 2021, at 10 PM ET/PT on truTV. The title of episode 15 is “Food, Air, Toilet“.

Where to watch? You can watch Impractical Jokers Season 9 Episode 15 online on truTV. You can buy a subscription from their official site.

Where to see episodes of Impractical Jokers ?

You can see the episodes on truTV’s official website. Also, after the wrap-up of Impractical Jokers Season 9 Episode 14, you can expect episodes to come on every Thursday. The guys are taking the show to another level with their new inventions. Their awesome ideas are going to blow your minds away.

So, set your countdowns to not miss the upcoming episode. Also, comment below to let us know the level of your excitement.

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