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Virgin River season 4: release date, cast, trailer and everything we know so far

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Virgin River

Credit: Netflix


Netflix’s Virgin River is what could be compared to a warm embrace: With small-town features reminiscent of Gilmore Girls and Friday Night Lights and its extraordinary cast of characters, Virgin River is the ideal comfortable show to twist up with.

Netflix doesn’t share viewing insights, Virgin River is famous enough for Netflix to have discreetly renewed it for season four even before it released Virgin River season 3 on July 9, 2021. The fourth season of Virgin River is booked to be released one year after the third, with the show’s fifth season shooting this late spring.

Virgin River immediately acquired a monstrous following as fans followed the story of the nurse practitioner who leaves Los Angeles looking for a new beginning and a tranquil spot to settle down. While the charming town of Virgin River appears to be serene, deep down lies a confounded trap of unassuming small-town drama. Here’s everything we know so far about season 4.

Virgin River Season 4 Release Date

Virgin River season 4 shows up on Netflix on July 20 in both the US and the UK. Season 4 will include 12 one-hour episodes. Netflix renewed Virgin River for seasons 4 and 5 back in September 2021 however there’s no course of events on a release date for the Virgin River season 5 after the filming start date was pushed back a few times.


Annette O’Toole spoke with PureWow toward the beginning of July and said that she was going to start work on season 5. This proposes that season 5 will be prepared in mid-2023.

Virgin River Trailer

Indeed, a trailer for Virgin River season four was released by Netflix last week. The primary focus of the teaser is on Jack and Mel as they battle with not knowing whether Jack or Mel’s late spouse Mark (Daniel Gillies) is the dad.

The trailer shows Jack is beginning to have a couple of too many drinks, leaving Mel stressed over their future. Attempting to persuade him to stop, she tells him: ‘I don’t want that you should do this for me, I want that you should do this for you.’


The main cast from season three, including Breckenridge and Henderson, will be back for the Virgin River fourth season. Sadly, entertainer Lynda Boyd will not be as her character Lilly as the character was killed off yet Annette O’Toole will be returning as Hope after she was unable to get back to set for season three because of the pandemic.

There will likewise be two or three new faces around looking like entertainers Kai Bradbury and Mark Ghanimé. Kai will be playing the role of Doc’s (Tim Matheson) long-lost grandson, Denny Cutler who has a dar secret, while Ghanimé is playing Dr Cameron Kayek, the clinic’s new physician.

Virgin River

Official Synopsis

Despite not knowing whether her child belongs to her deceased spouse, Mark, or Jack, Mel starts season 4 with a feeling of good faith. For quite a long time she longed to be a mother and her dream is one step closer to becoming a reality. While Jack is supported and excited, the question of paternity keeps on worrying him. Complicating matters is the arrival of an attractive new doctor, who’s in the market to start a family of his own.

Virgin River
Credit: Netflix

Hope is as yet mending from her car accident and the lingering psychological impacts of her cerebrum injury will have significant ramifications for both her and Doc. Brie, intent on proving the innocence of the man she cherishes, unexpectedly ends up in a closer relationship with Mike and one step closer to Calvin’s violent criminal web. Indeed, even as Preacher forges another romantic connection, he can’t resist the urge to hold out hope for being reunited with Christopher and Paige.


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