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The Souvenir Part 2 Where to Watch? Is It on Netflix or Disney Plus?

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The Souvenir Part 2

The Souvenir was one of the year’s best films, but the most shocking revelations occurred off-screen, the most unusual of which may have been about the set where it was shot. We’re used to hearing about “thinly veiled” fiction based on the artist’s life, but this was daring of a different type. Let’s explore The Souvenir Part 1 recap and where to watch The Souvenir Part 2. Is it coming on online platforms like Netflix and Disney Plus?

Joanna Hogg’s film The Souvenir is based on her personal memories and portrays the story of a film student’s deadly relationship with a fascinating man who is slowly becoming addicted to heroin. To emphasize how near the plot hews to Hogg’s experiences, Hogg had her fictionalized stand-in, Julie (played by Honor Swinton Byrne), reside in a flat that was an identical replica of the one Hogg lived in when she was a film student.

The souvenir part 1 review

The Souvenir wasn’t just a fictional story “based on” Hogg’s experiences; it was a collection of them. It takes a long time and a lot of effort to create a great imitation like that. Julie’s real-life mother, Tilda Swinton, not only starred in the film as Julie’s mother, but she was also a close friend of Hogg’s in film school, acting in Hogg’s graduation thesis project.

The Souvenir Part 1

Tilda Swinton, Julie’s real-life mother, not only played Julie’s mother in the film but was also a close friend of Hogg’s in film school, so Swinton Byrne’s hiring added another layer of reality-bending. There were still actors on set, separating Hogg (who isn’t seen on television) from her Julie alter ego. However, The Souvenir is actually a memoir because of those recollections and the distance. Consider visualizing a time in your life when you had a lot of trauma, sadness, and personal growth. Hogg, like many other filmmakers who have experimented in memoir, has done it. In his 2018 picture Roma, Alfonso Cuarón did it, and Kenneth Branagh will do it in his upcoming film Belfast. According to Jennifer Fox, her 2018 film The Tale is honest autobiographical.

The Tree of Life (2011) and To the Wonder (2013), both directed by Terrence Malick, are deeply personal (2012). These are only a handful of the possibilities. Each film is based on recollection, reliving, and recalling for the viewers what it was like to live the life of the filmmaker.

All about The Souvenir: Part 2 and its release date

In her latest film, Hogg takes things a step further, and as a result, it’s one of the best films of 2021. Julie tries to make a film that resembles The Souvenir in The Souvenir: Part 2, which picks up soon after The Souvenir ends and follows Julie as she copes with the death of her boyfriend Anthony (Tom Burke). She constructs a replica apartment set, casts a buddy in the role of herself, and so on.

The Souvenir Part 2

Julie is still a student director who has a lot to learn. Her clumsy communication irritates her videographer, who is also a student. Her parents are supportive, but they have no idea what she’s doing. The program directors tell her that her proposed project isn’t specific enough, that she hasn’t specified what she wants to say.


The Souvenir: Part 2, directed by Joanna Hogg, was released on October 29, 2021.

This film will be available in English and will last 1 hour and 46 minutes. The Souvenir: Part 2 has an 8.0 out of 10 binge rating and will be an excellent Drama film to watch.

Where to watch The Souvenir Part 2?

‘The Souvenir Part 2’ was released theatrically on October 29, 2021. Now you can go and watch this movie in cinema halls. There are various online ticket booking apps out there, choose whatever offers tickets to your nearby cinema hall. Following its theatrical run, the film might come on online platforms.

The Souvenir Part 2

Is The Souvenir Part 2 on Disney Plus or Netflix?

NO, The Souvenir Part 2  isn’t available on any of the ott platforms like Netflix or Disney Plus yet because it is realizing theatrically all over the United States so if you love watching movies in cinema halls this is the go sign for you.


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