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‘Simpsons’: Fans Loving New Character Dr. Wendy Sage Who is A Breast Cancer Survivor

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The Simpsons

In a special episode of “The Simpsons,” we met a breast cancer survivor character.   

This particular episode became popular among fans as soon as the episode got released. On Twitter, fans loved this episode and called as “The New Beginning” for all the Breast cancer survivors.   

Who is the new character in “The Simpsons”?  

On Sunday, Simpsons unveiled a new character named Dr. Wendy Sage. She is a hypnotherapist, breast cancer survivor and has also undergone unilateral mastectomy. The latest episode clearly showed the scar that is caused due to Port Ocas, the device used in chemotherapy.   

Renee Ridgeley, an actress, breast cancer survivor, voiced this character. Matt Selman said, Simpsons’ showrunner, said, “Sage is exactly the way she is now. She openly accepts her one-breasted body. She celebrates the way she is now. Sage character will become inspiration among the marginalized section.”  

Sage’s debut in Simpsons became more critical due to the upcoming Breast Cancer Awareness month. Twitter fans showering love and blessings to this character.   


On various other social media, fans believe that Sage’s character will bring out some unique and severe discussions on Breast Cancer.   

The Simpsons

What is “The Simpsons”?  

“The Simpsons” is an American sitcom series. This series focuses on American life. The whole show depicts the life of American culture, lifestyle, society, and television.   

Matt Groening created this sitcom for the Fox Broadcasting Company. The series epitomizes the Simpsons family, under the characters’ names as Homer, Barge, Lisa, and Maggie. Groening created his own dysfunctional family and named all the characters just after them. Matt changed his name in the series as Barge. He also changed his surname as he thought that Simpson was quite funny.   

After three seasons, this series entered into the half-hour prime time show. This series became Fox’s first series to come in the top 30 series. The first season debuted on December 17, 1989. Seven hundred eleven episodes came so far.   

Simpsons became the first longest-running television anime series, longest-running American Sitcom, and the longest-running American scripted Primetime television series both in seasons and number of episodes. This sitcom is a joint production by Gracie Films and 20th television. In March 2021, the series renewed with two more seasons.   


The Simpsons have received the best series of the 20th century. In early episodes, this series was acclaimed as the golden age. Since then, the fans have been claiming that the series has declined in quality. Due to this series, the Simpson family also received the Hollywood Walk of Fame. This sitcom has achieved dozens of awards claiming its reputation and aura.   


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