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Will there any Polish Eriotic Movie 365 DNI Sequel?

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365 DNI Sequel Part 2

Will there any Polish Eriotic Movie 365 DNI Sequel ?

365 days may be the recent addition on Netflix India’s streaming platform, but it has undoubtedly absorbed many fans following all over the world already. With the first part of 365 DNI the movie ends with a cliff-hanger, viewers are now curious to know that there will be a sequel of the film.

A date for 365 Days Part 2 release is yet to be confirmed, but a\movie will move ahead. However, there has been some complication.

At this time initially organised unnamed movie sequel to start shooting in the June of 2020. There was a procedure to shoot in the same beautiful locations where the first movie was shoot, However, plans to film in August were postponed Due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


In later 2020, the cast addressed the reason behind the delays in an Instagram Q&A, with Anna Maria Sieklucka explaining the reason:

“We will not be able to go abroad to shoot this year because of the pandemic. You must be patient and wait. It will probably be next year. We do not know exactly when we will be able to start.”

365 DNI Sequel Part 2

Magdalena Lamparska told in an interview that: “The situation is similar in every country. The production had just frozen in 2020. Everything has stopped. A trip to other countries would be too risky for the Polish production house at this moment.”

Is there any sequel of 365 DNI?

The movie is base on the book with the same name trilogy in polish. Blanka Lipinska wrote the first book. The author of the second book is named Ten Dasein. Ten Dzien which means ‘this day’. As per a few sources, looking at the first part of the movie’s enormous success, Ten Dzein might also see itself being turned into a film.


How did 365 DNI end?

The first book of 365 DNI  part of the movie ends with Actress Laura falling head over heels for Don Massimo. Decide to get married to Laura, and she goes out to purchase herself a wedding dress for weeding. While Laura is with Olga in her car, Mario, Massimo’s friend and trustee, knows that the opposite mafia family will kill Laura. Massimo hears Laura’s few last words on his phone when laura scar gets into a subway, and it does not come out from that subway. This cliff-hanger of 365 DNI is that the viewers have no clue whether Laura died or kidnapped.


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