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Where is “The Nine Kittens of Christmas” Filmed? Locations & Plot Overview

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The Nine Kittens of Christmas

The Nine Lives of Christmas sequel ‘THE NINE KITTENS OF CHRISTMAS‘ aired yesterday on the occasion of Thanksgiving. The Hallmark Channel’s movie aired on 25 November 2021 at 8 PM Eastern and will go throughout the holiday season. Read more to know more!

Where ‘The Nine Kitten Of Christmas’ Filmed? Everything You Need To Know

Hallmark channel production, The Nine Kitten Of Christmas will premier again if you have missed it! You can watch it on November 26, 2021, at 10:00 PM Eastern and:

  • November 30 at 6 PM
  • December 5 at 4 PM
  • December 14 at 8 AM

Also, on December 19 at 12:00 AM Eastern, December 24 at 9:30 PM, and December 29 at 12 PM Eastern.

The second instalment, ‘The Nine Kittens Of Christmas’ directed by David Winning, was filmed in Canada, North America. It was also filmed in Vancouver and Langley regions according to FTIA. As per a tweet shared by Hollywood North Buzz on Twitter, the film location also included Fort Langley Firehall. The official name of the movie is ‘The Nine Kittens of Christmas.’ But referred to as Nine Lives Of Holiday or None Kittens For The Holiday while its filming was on. The first instalment was filmed, in Langley Township in British Columbia as per the reports. According to re[orts the cast had a lot of fun on the sets while filming. The film features Kimberly Sustad, Gregory Harrison, and Brandon Routh.


The Nine Kittens Of Christmas: Synopsis

The popular 2014, The Nine Lives of Christmas showed how Zachary and Marilee fell in love. Zachary, portrayed by Brandon Routh and Marilee played by Kimberly Sustad. In the sequel, we will meet Zachary again who is now single and a firehouse captain. He plans to skip his Christmas Ski Trip getaway but his chief Sam, played by Gregory Harrison convinces him to take it but he ends up with Marilee. On the other hand, Marilee is a successful vet and runs a vet clinic in Miami. She returns home but Zachary finds a box with nine cute kittens left at the fire station. The two pairs up and host a series of pet adoption for the kittens around the town. During this two find their love for each other. But will they recognize this in front of each other with their careers opportunities calling them out?


Cast Stories Explored

Brandon Routh worked for the first time with the Hallmark channel. The actor is famous for his appearance as a superhero in the Superman Film- Superman Returns and DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow and more. Kimberly and Paul Campbell, who will do a cameo in The Nine Kittens Of Christmas came up with the story of Christmas By Starlight. The script was by Paul Campbell. Harrison, as chief Sam in the movie, adopted a cat and named it Doobie after the filming of the sequel.

The Nine Kittens Of Christmas: Cast

The movie also stars Stephanie Bennett as Jaclyn, Linden McMillan as Sierra, Carey Feehan as Kyle, and Nathan Witte as Peter. It also casts Robyn Bradley as Harriet, Victoria Dunsmore as Gabi, Vince Song as Caleb, and Sarah Hayward as Mrs. Klein. The other roles are Kate played by Helenna Santos, Linda played by LaTonya Williams, and Mason by Paul Campbell.


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