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Red Notice Movie Ending Explained: Details You Might Have Missed

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Red Notice

What happened in the “Red Notice” ending? Those who are excited to know about Red Notice i.e., Netflix product, can get the spoilers Here on this page. However, Red Notice on Netflix does not care much about the plot of this storyline than its motive to offer the opportunity to Ryan Reynolds to dunk on Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. 

People are considering this idea as a smart move for the Red Notice as it offers the chance for some of the A grade stars to launch on Netflix. Those stars are The Rock, Reynolds, and Gal Gadot and they are starring on the show, Red Notice. 

The writer and the director of this movie are Rawson Marshall Thurber who has also worked for the movies like Central Intelligence and Skyscraper, as a writer and director for the Rock. 

Red Notice

Previously he wrote and directed a very popular comedy movie in the year 2004 i.e, DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story. 

Red notices the movie that generally doesn’t require your full attention. This is the type of movie that you can watch while drinking beer with your friends. Red Notice Movie’s plot is such that you do not have to take it as hard to make sense.  

Red Notice: Release Date

Red notice movie releases in the theatres on 5th November 2021, whereas it starts streaming on Netflix on 12th November 2021. 

A confirmation has not come that what they will be stealing but we know about a blatant attempt to set up a franchise after we see it in the scene. The Red Notice will be creating its second season as the first one seems incomplete.

Red Notice: Plot

At the starting of the movie, an educational video plays that is actually the summary story of Cleopatras 3 eggs. According to the story, which is a fictional story on the film, that states Marc Anthony gives three bejeweled eggs to Cleopatra at their wedding. In the year 1997, A farmer put his 2 eggs after digging the ground but no one knows about the third egg. 


The first egg is present in a museum, in Rome, whereas the second egg is currently in someone’s private collection. After this video, you will be able to see a mysterious figure dealing with a fake egg. Meanwhile John Hartley an FBI agent Is working with inspector Urvashi D as to catch the thief who stole the first egg of Cleopatra from the museum. They successfully catch the thief but their egg was fake. The later inspector does suspects that Hartley was behind the tragedy, therefore for confirmation she contacted the Bureau but in response, she got to know that they never heard of FBI agent Hartley.

Red Notice

Hartley got punishment and was sent to prison. His cellmate was Booth. Hartley and Booth were planning to Steal the second egg. They were asked about the third Egg as he was the only one who knew where it was.

Both the cellmates planned to break the cell and free out of the prison. They stopped Bishop from stealing the second egg. After several action-heist Booth finally tells Hartley about the third egg that it was in Hitler’s secret bunker in Argentina. They went to the place and finally found the third egg, following him Bishop, Interpol agent and Law enforcement also reached.

Red Notice Movie: Ending Explained

Hartley, Booth, and the Bishop were involved with law enforcement during the shoot-out. All three escape from that place with the egg. As per the plan Booth expects Hartley to leave him and arrest Bishop. But something unexpected happened i.e., Hartley kissed Bishop in front of Booth. Shocking truth revealed at that time that Hartley is a criminal who is working with his partner against Booth. Both of them are Bishop and Hartley states it as “there are two bishops in chess”.

In the story, the Rock helped Gadot in searching for the two eggs and according to them the only way to reach the third egg was to have Ryan Reynolds lead them in the mission. In past, Hartley was telling Booth that he knows how do I run a con, and also we saw Bishop passing Hartley the key 2 handcuffs.

Red Notice

The Rock and Gadot passed the eggs to a random Egyptian wealthy guy in Cairo, by taking compensation amount, so that he could give it as a wedding present to his daughter. The actual reason for selling the eggs was to shift the charges of stolen eggs on the bride’s father.

The plot is not over yet we can see six months later that the raw kanga dot is on vacation. Ryan Reynolds Suddenly crashes on their boat and said that he ran while he was transported to the prison. He also informed that he tipped off inspector Urvashi Das about the place where the Rock and Gadot has stored their money that was earned from the Egyptian father-of-the-bride.

Ryan Reynolds offers them a new score that will be “double the payout, triple the challenge”. If the couple didn’t agree to it then the inspector is on her way to arrest them. They accept the offer and the last scene shows Gadot, the Rock, Reynolds standing near the Louvre Museum in Paris.

Red Notice Movie: Cast

  • Ryan Reynolds
  • Gal Gadot
  • Dwayne Johnson
  • Rafael Petardi
  • Christopher Cocke

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