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Black and white version of Justice League is now streaming on HBO Max

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Justice League Is Gray

A new version of Zack Snyder’s Justice League has arrived on HBO. Its name is “Justice Is Gray”. Since the release of the movie on 18th march, people have never stopped talking about it. And about 5 hours ago, Zack Snyder’s Justice League @syndercut tweeted:


Earlier, there were rumors that some of the scenes from the movie are cut down. So, we thought that the black and white version of this movie might have those Cut scenes. When asked to Synder about this, he simply answers ‘NO’.


We went through a lot of tweets and one amazing thing is that people are again tweeting with the hashtag #RestoreTheSynderVerse. It might again come as a trend. After all, we all want Synder to complete its verse.

We also found some of the fans complaining as it is not International. Have a look:

P a x S a c @paxsacramento tweeted

Replying to @snydercut and@hbomax

Sad it’s not internationally tho

Justice League: An Indian fan mentioned the same concern. Here’s what Sanjheev has to say:


SANJHEEV @sanjheev10


Replying to @snydercut and@hbomax

God we want this so bad in India #SnyderCut


Through the tweets and chats going on different social media, we get to know that HBO is buffering a lot; it means a huge number of fans from all over the world are currently watching the movie.


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