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Meet Joe Mazza Host Of Hgtv’s ‘Home Inspector Joe’ Host

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Joe Mazza

Joe Mazza


With over 25 years of expertise in the real estate trade, Joe Mazza has amassed a sizable fortune for himself, and his computed and assumed net worth is held at between $3-$5 million, which he can consider as a walk owing to his brand new TV show. In terms of his personal life, Joe Mazza has been married for almost 13 years to his wife named Sonia, and the pair has a daughter named Gia Lucia Mazza. According to his pictures on Instagram, it’s evident that he’s too close to his family and friends, particularly his daughter.

Joe Mazza’s father is John Mazza, and his mother’s name is unknown. The home inspector has a brother named Brian Mazza, and his brother is married to CNN Leisure reporter Chloe Melas Mazza. His entire family is well-liked and resides in Westchester County, specifically in White Plains. He is fond of affection and is the home member that always assists. He adored his family, particularly his daughter, whom he adored the most.

‘Home Inspector Joe’ Premiere Date And Time:

As the host of the show Home Inspector Joe Mazza, he may also feature the interior designer Noel Gatts, who will assist him in restoring the items. The makeover show is scheduled to air on HGTV on Wednesday, January 19, 2022, at 9:00 p.m. EST. The first episode of the series is titled “This Mildew Home,” and it follows a family as they seek Mazza and Gatts’ aid with their newly purchased home. Keep an eye on us.

A number of tales have gone viral on the internet. Joseph “Joe” Mazza is the host of his first television show, Home Inspector. Joe Mazza is all ready to debut on HGTV in a makeover series centered on preventing home buyers from making risky purchases. Joe Mazza is a qualified dwelling inspector who will communicate his knowledge and assist to point out all of the red flags for customers and initial to the sequence, he has served himself in developing and creating safe residences for individuals for around 20 years.


In 2015, he used his professional experience to become a licensed home inspector in New York and Connecticut. His job is to look for flaws once a customer or purchaser purchases a property and requests a home inspection, during which Joe Mazza investigates issues such as structural damage, water leaks, mold issues, electrical difficulties, and many more. Stay tuned to our website and blog for all the fine print and specifics on the subject.


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