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Ludacris & Lil Rell Howery Set To Become The Next Big Disney+ Stars?

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Ludacris & Lil Rell Howery

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Dashing Through The Snow, the original family holiday comedy is all set to debut this year and it’s going to make Ludacris and Lil Rell Howery the next Disney+ stars. Disney+ has some new characters and a new storyline for all to watch really soon. But this is going to be a whole new journey for some of the cast members too.

Read ahead to know more about Disney+ to have Ludacris and Lil Rell Howery star in its original comedy.

Dashing Through The Snow arriving this November on Disney+

If you think you are tired of watching the same old series and shows on Disney+. Then we have a new original family comedy coming up for all to watch. Yes, Dashing Through The Snow is here and it’s to debut soon for all the viewers on Disney+.

The release date for the same has been announced. The original family holiday comedy-drama is to premiere on 17th November 2023. Hence, the show is just a few months apart from its release. Meanwhile, its star cast is even more amazing.

Ludacris and Lil Rell Howery to starr in Dashing Through The Snow of Disney+

While Dashing Through The Snow may already be building up the excitement of all. What’s even more exciting to know is the star cast of the series. As we got to know that rapper and actor Ludacris is to starr in Dashing Through The Snow series.

Not just that, along with Ludacris, you can also get to see comedian Lil Rell Howery and Teyonah Parris. Meanwhile, we have many others to join the cast like Madison Skye Validum and more. This will pave the way for Ludacris and Lil Rell Howery to become upcoming Disney+ stars.

More about Dashing Through The Snow and Ludacris with Lil Rell Howery

The original Disney+ series Dashing Through The Snow is going to be a story about a social worker from the Atlanta Police Department and his daughter. Although the story would be more about the magical adventure of father and daughter to restore their faith in Christmas.

For a detailed storyline, you can wait till November when the show will debut to see what exactly happens. Meanwhile, Ludacris and Lil Rell Howery would be on a whole new journey with Disney+ as they play something different this time. Fans on the other hand are keen to have the series arrive soon.


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