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Is Big Brother season 25 happening? Premiere Date, cast, and Other Details

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Big Brother season 25



The famous reality shows Big Brother after its 24th season is creating a buzz on the internet about its 25th season. Well, the next season is having a lot of things to bring for all the viewers. But do we have the next season happening too? Well, we do have updates on whether you can expect a season 25 or not.

Read ahead to know more about Big Brother season 25 and all its latest updates.

Is Big Brother season 25 happening?

Well, no doubt reality shows always have a different craze among all the viewers. That’s the reason why Big Brother had so many great seasons. Where its latest season wrapped up recently this month. Where we got our 24th season winner announced as well.

The 24th season of Big Brother saw its winner in Taylor Hale. As she became the first Black woman to win the reality show Big Brother. That has definitely made all think about the next season now. It is so far not announced but CBS is already looking for a cast for the next season. So, certainly, we might have another season too.

Who will be the cast in Big Brother season 25?

CBS recently wrapped up the 24th season of Big Brother. Post which they have begun their hunt for next season’s cast. But do we know anything about the next season’s cast? Sadly no! As we have no idea about who will be on the network’s card to get an entry in season 25.

Yet we do know that producers are trying to find some interesting and enthusiastic casts for the next season. So we might have a cast strong enough to handle the life and circumstances under cameras for 100 days in the Big Brother house.

When will Big Brother season 25 premiere?

Looking at the long history of Big Brother and its premiere schedule. We know that the reality show sticks mainly to its June and July premiere. Big Brother Season 25 most likely premiere in late June/early July 2023. However, two of the seasons did not follow that schedule.

So, if everything goes fine with Big Brother season 25. Then we might have it in June or July of next year. Further, we might back again have Julie Chen Moonves host the 25th season of Big Brother. As she hasn’t been showing any interest in leaving the show as its host.


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