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Daddy Long Neck’s infant son discharges from hospital after alleged child abuse

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Daddy Long Neck

Daddy Long Neck’s 9-month-old son is out of hospital after suffering abuse at the hands of the baby’s mom’s new boyfriend.

Here is everything you need to know.

Daddy Long Neck updates on his baby’s health

According to recent reports, Daddy Long Neck’s baby, David Alfredo Samuelson Lopez was released from the hospital over the weekend. 

David is currently living with a foster family and is recovering. Although TMZ reported that the child is doing way better.

Daddy Long Neck whose real name is David Samuelson Jr gave an update about his kid’s health to his concerned fans.

He confirmed that the baby is no longer required to feed from the tube and is doing much more giggling and activities.

Furthermore, he mentioned that the medical officials are not still uncertain whether the infant will suffer any lasting effects from the ordeal. But Daddy Long Neck did admit that his son is improving day by day.


Daddy Long Neck’s infant son was hospitalized after alleged child abuse

Earlier this month, it was reported that Daddy Long Neck’s son was rushed to a hospital in Los Angeles after he suffered a brutal beating. 

Subsequently, reports claimed that the newborn baby sustained skull fractures and brain hemorrhage.

Daddy Long Neck was in Michigan when the baby’s mama informed him about his son’s condition. Additionally, the viral social media sensation wasted no time in heading toward Los Angeles.

The 23-year-old Michigan native took to Instagram overnight to share an update on his son’s condition. 

He wrote, ‘My son can open his eyes a lil more. He looked at me.’

Moreover, Daddy Long Neck said that during the flight a social worker told him that his ex’s new lover has been taken into custody for allegedly assaulting the child.

The Montebello Police Department claims that the alleged abuser is identified as Damien Obeso. 


The cops claimed that they received a call from a nearby hospital reporting that a baby has suffered significant injuries. 

Detectives eventually arrested Obeso and booked him under child abuse resulting in great bodily injury. However, it was later revealed that he is released on bond. Regardless, Obeso is slated to be arraigned on 28th September.

Meanwhile, DLN mentioned that Daddy Long Neck is permitted to visit his son while he is staying in foster care. Although it is recently reported that the internet personality is exploring legal ways to gain full custody of the newborn.


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