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Hulu Maggie Release Date, Trailer, Cast and Plot

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Many individuals turn to magic and superstition to feel like they have an exceptional understanding of life’s most profound secrets. Tarot cards and horoscopes have become more famous than any other time in recent memory. Those keen on divining the future in the stars will feel like they’ve manifested this Rebecca Rittenhouse-drove romantic comedy.

If you seriously love Fleabag, Lovesick, and Starstruck you won’t have any desire to miss Hulu’s new comedy-drama, Maggie.

Made by the team behind Life in Pieces (Justin Adler, and Maggie Mull) the series investigates the question of ‘how would you find the one when you know every relationship will end?’

Maggie Release Date

Maggie is coming to screens a ton sooner than you naturally suspect. The profoundly expected comedy will debut on Wednesday, 6th July. There are 13 episodes altogether for viewers to clear their path through and the good news is, that they will all drop on Wednesday, July 6 so you can binge-watch the entire series. To watch Maggie, you should be a Hulu user. You can join now the streaming service for $6.99 each month.

Maggie Trailer

Maggie is a psychic with real capacities. Since she was young, she could see the fates of friends, family, and peers. The proprietor of Psychic Readings by Maggie, she turns these abilities of her into a business. Things appear to be the same old thing until she does a reading on Ben.

During Ben’s reading, she sees marriage, kids’ toys, and literal sparks flying with a strange young lady. At the point when the lady in the vision is revealed, she is astounded to see that it is herself. In shock, Maggie needs to push ahead with this new information.

Outside Ben and Maggie, the trailer acquaints us with a few different characters that ought to assume a key part in the series. Maggie’s best friend Louise has some potential as Maggie’s never-ending single gal-pal. She likewise has two or three fun interactions with Angel (Ray Ford), her “psychic” since the seventh grade. Maggie’s self-improvement will be front and centre for the story of the series, yet the trailer tosses into question whether Maggie’s fulfilment will come as a heartfelt connection too.

There is by all accounts this sort of tension with Ben. In any case, as many That’s So Raven fans learned, the future isn’t consistently as it appears, and the grounds that something seems a specific way in a dream doesn’t imply that it will come in the normal structure.


Rebecca Rittenhouse stars as the lead protagonist in Hulu’s Maggie. You might recognize Rittenhouse from her role as Dr. Anna Ziev in The Mindy Project. David Del Rio stars as Ben, Maggie’s unexpected love interest. Things are not just between them, as she can see him in her future and how it ends up working.

Angelique Cabral stars as Ben’s sister Amy and Westworld’s Leonard Nam portrays the role of Amy’s sweetheart Dave. Kerri Kenney and Chris Elliott star as Maggie’s amusing parents, who wind up turning into Ben’s new landlord. Chloe Bridges balances the cast as Jessie, an old flame of Ben’s alongside Nichole Sakura as Maggie’s best friend in the series Louise.



Here is the official synopsis of the series Maggie on Hulu:

It’s hard enough being a young, single lady in this present reality, it’s harder when you likewise end up being a psychic. Maggie has true psychic abilities, meaning she consistently sees the fate of her companions, family, clients, and random people in the city.

In any case, when she starts to see look at her destiny when she meets an unexpected guy, her life gets much more comedically complicated. Could you at any point allow yourself to experience passionate feelings for when you assume you know how it ends? She most likely should have seen this coming. Rebecca Rittenhouse stars as Maggie. Stream all episodes on July 6, just on Hulu.


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