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Dune Part 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot

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Dune Part 2

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If you are looking for something new to watch then probably Dune Part 2 is all coming up for you. Well yes, the sci-fi adventure movie Dune is arriving with its second part this time. While everyone has seen how great the first part of the movie was. We have its second part’s release due soon. So, when is Dune Part 2 expected?

Read ahead to know more about Dune Part 2 and its other details.

Dune Part 2 release date announced

Dune, the first part film came in the year 2021 on 22nd of October. While the sci-fi theme of the movie did extremely well among the audience. It was much awaited with its second part. The announcement of which has been made recently. Hence, you would be able to get to see Dune Part 2 soon. But is it coming really soon?

Well, Dune Part 2 is definitely happening. But it isn’t arriving soon. As you won’t be getting it anytime this year. However, you would be only getting it on the big screen on November 17th, 2023. Though earlier it was supposed to arrive on 23rd October this year. But due to some reasons, it was pushed to a later date.


Who’s to be in the cast of Dune Part 2?

Dune film with its first part did so well at the box office that it managed to earn $400 million. Not just that it even bagged about six Oscars for the movie. Well, such a movie definitely needs another part. As such we are expecting it later next year and we can have lots of its cast make a comeback. However, there’s no official announcement on the cast list yet.

But we do hope to have Timothee Chalamet reprising the role of Paul Astriedes. Zendaya as Chani too might be there. Further, we might see Rebecca Ferguson as Lady Jessica, and Javier Bardem as Stilgar. Stellan Skarsgard as Baron Harkonnen, Dave Bautista as Glossu Rabban.


What’s the expected storyline for Dune Part 2?

With Herbert’s book closely going with the storyline for Dune. We bet what’s still to get in the movie from the book is going to be the storyline for the movie this time. As such we might get to see a lot about Paul in the sequel. Empire and Paul are certainly on a revolt that’s going to be in the sequel this time too.

Further, don’t expect to follow the book closely this time. As we might see something different happening this time. There’s certainly some surprise waiting for all in part 2 and it will decide the future of the franchise eventually.


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