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How Tom Ford and Maurizio’s House of Gucci Connected? Audiences’ Curiosity

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Famous film director and producer has to date continued to offer compelling films throughout his career. Movies like ‘All the money in the world’, the last duel’ and so on.
His very latest, “House of Gucci” is a biographical crime drama. The cast consists of all-stars which include Lady Gaga, Adam Driver, Jeremy Irons, Jared Leto, Al Pacino, and many more.

The story is mainly about the relationship and marriage of Patrizia Reggiani who is played by Lady Gaga and Maurizio Gucci played by Adam Driver. But they are not the only ones pictured in the film. People have been very curious about how Tom Ford was associated with Maurizio Gucci after watching the film. Let us read about it further in the article.

Relationship of Tom Ford And Maurizio At House Of Gucci Explored

At the end of House of Gucci, it is seen that Maurizio faces the colossal task of taking the brand out of the past to the present.
They however realize that they need a new eye for a new range. Maurizio then procures the help of a determined and rising designer. Who is none other than the legendary Tom Ford?

Help regenerate Gucci’s image with a new line and we also see the outfits are modeled on a runway show. Maurizio celebrates the successful and triumphant night with Tom.
Unfortunately, it is too late and Maurizio’s mishandling of the company leads Investcrop to buy it.


Tom Ford’s Time Spent At Gucci

Tom was the Creative Director of Gucci in 1994. As it was a difficult time for the image of the brand, Tom was given full freedom to do what pleased him to change things around. Tom was successful in doing so.
In 1995, Gucci’s interests in journalists and others had diminished. This revealed a variety of award-achieving collections over the decade.
The profits improved the image of the company. In 2000, they were finally able to buy Saint Laurent. They reached heights of success.

Sleek Mag mentioned that in 2006, Tom was expected to be the brand’s CEO. But in 2004, he parted ways with the Gucci group. This was because he failed to meet the requirements that are to be satisfied with the conglomerate’s most influential shareholders.
In an interview with Women’s Wear Daily, he mentioned that it had absolutely nothing to do with money. And it was all actually a matter of control. Since then, he has launched his own brand and he has also directed films.

Tom Ford Makes An Exclusive Statement

Recently Tom opened up about his thoughts on the House of Gucci’s authenticity and accuracy. He focused especially on his relationship with Maurizio. He said that the movie took some serious autonomy.

He revealed that Maurizio had bought out of the company as soon as Tom took over and had his first successful collection as the creative director of Gucci. Tom made a sarcastic comment saying that Maurizio never toasted him like that in the show after the show.


Tom also added by saying that movies had a way of becoming the truth in the minds of people. Also, an alternate reality that erases the reality of what it was.
Therefore the sequence in which Tom achieved his success at Gucci was not exactly very true to reality.
Concerning the film in general Tom commented, “because of the size and star power of the cast, the script was at the mercy of serving to them”. He also added that as time passed, the viewers are subjected to useless scenes and sometimes also confusing ones. That according to him only existed to serve the purpose of allowing the actors to “act”.


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