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When Will Arcane Season 2 Release? Development News So Far From Riot Games & Netflix

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Arcane Season 2

Arcane Season 2: The much anticipated Arcane was released on Netflix this month and to say that the show is super hit would be underestimating it. Fans knew that the League of Legend series will be a masterpiece. 

Now that the finale ended on a cliffhanger fans are left wondering about season two. 

Will There Be Arcane Season 2?

Well, there has to be a second season since season one ended with a cliffhanger. Also, the success of the first season quite confirms that another season will follow. 

However, neither Netflix nor Riot Games or Fortiche productions have confirmed a season two. 

Shauna Spenley who is the president of Riot Games and a former Netflix Executive hinted that said in an interview that there’s definitely “more to come”.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Shauna said, “I don’t think most of Hollywood realizes how massive this is. I think that we have a huge opportunity to build amazing organic stories inside of this world. and for it to quietly build and become the IP that defines a generation. It’s going to take a little time.” 


In 2019, Nicolo Laurent, Riot Games CEO stated that they plan on bringing many seasons. “It is very important for us to keep both creative and financial control as we enter the world of TV. We are committed to Arcane for multiple seasons. Creative will have the space to craft amazing stories and deep characters,” Nicolo said. 

Release dates can be predicted only when makers officially confirm Arcane season 2. However, it can hit our screens anytime in 2022. 

What To Expect In Season 2?

In Arcane season 2 fans can expect different storylines together. Since the League of Legends has numerous characters, we could see their backstories being explored. Fans would definitely love to see more about their favourite characters. The upcoming season could explore the Ryze and the Rune Wars and the Solari conflict. While Jinx could be the focus of the plot and viewers might get to see more of the character’s back story. 

Arcane Season 2

Arcane Season 1 Reviews-

Arcane has received a rating of 9.4/10 on IMDB. Also an impressive score of 98% on Rotten Tomatoes. It is also the most popular show on IMDB. 

Although viewer statistics for Netflix aren’t available, the show’s premiere was watched by 1.5 million people on Twitch alone. 

Fans too have loved the show and cannot wait to see what season two holds for them.


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