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Watch One Piece Episode 984: Release Date, Recap, Preview & More

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One Piece Episode 984

One Piece Episode 984: One Piece is a Japanese shonen manga series that is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. Until now the manga is the 25th longest manga series ever with 1000 chapters. Shueisha’s shōnen manga magazine started publishing the manga in July 1997. Toei Animation is an animation studio that created the anime series based on the manga itself. October 20, 1999, is the day when the anime started airing. This week we have received the 983rd episode of this anime named “The Samurai Warriors’ Earnestness! The Straw Hats Land at Onigashima!“. The story is about the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy, the main protagonist, who has a rubberized body. Luffy, with his crew of pirates, Straw Hat Pirates, ventures the world to find the ultimate treasure known as “One Piece”.

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One Piece Episode 983: Recap

One Piece Episode 983 starts with Raizo who takes out his paper and writes that ” Luffu will fight the enemies from the front and Kinemon and Denjiro will be splitting up and will lead the teams from mountain paths to the entrance of the castle. And to avoid the waves, Samurai will reach the back entrance from the boat. Now they all decide to meet at the entrance and Boss Hyogoro tells them to go on. The submarine submerged and disappeared. 

On the other hand, it is seen that Chopper is enjoying singing Onigashima and snowfalls, and Luffy is heading to the place to catch him up with Captain Kid. Between all this, Kinemon tells Samurai to be focused as there can be an ambush anytime and it would lead to confusion. Meanwhile, Denjiro is happy that he is with Kinemon. Now all of them enter the scene in Onigashima and the captain kid points and says that “there he is.”

One Piece Episode 984

Surprise Attack: Gifters 

Now Kinemon notices that no one is going to attack them as Kanjuro is still not there to report it to anybody. Therefore, they plan to make a surprise attack which would be beneficial for them. Sanji tells everyone that the castle of Kaido is in the deep of the island and they need to go there to attack them. Now, Franky says that they have to borrow time so that Kinemon and other teams can reach the entrance for the attack. However, the guards at the entrance are drunk and they feel that the ships that are entering the area are just an illusion for them. They say that they are daydreaming and this makes them avoid these things. 

But, Usopp comes there and decides to stop them all before they make a surprise attack. Now, Brook says that he has seen someone there but Ussop says that they are sleeping and thus they don’t get much into it. Between all this, Boss Hyogoro tells the people out there not to panic as it would make the attackers even more confident. Now, all the team of Luffy is ready to attack the people of Onigashima and they are ready for the battle. Therefore, they find the hiding spot. Brook notices the Samuara and sees that they are ready for the do and die war. 

One Piece Episode 984

Brook says that there is no arrogance to lose from someone who is the emperor of the sea. Now Brooke sees the powers that are used and also the unknown guys who took the Devil Fruit that is artificial. However, Robin says that they are not gifters. He says it after seeing Captain Kid who enters in the mirror. Now they are all set to attack Onigashima. Luffy and his team pass through the mirror and Kinemon tells them to use these things for them in the battle to get the advantage. He also tells them to reach the castle so that they can participate in the battle. 


One Piece Episode 984: Release Date, Time & Where To Watch

One Piece Episode 984 is all set to release on Sunday, 25 July 2021 at 6:00 AM JST (Japanese Standard Time). The title of episode 984 is “Luffy Goes Out of Control?! Sneaking into Kaido’s Banquet!!“. The anime is available to watch online on Netflix and Crunchyroll.

Here are the times in different timezones –

  • 00:00 AM, Sunday in USA
  • 06:00 AM, Sunday in UK
  • 04:30 AM, Sunday in UAE
  • 08:00 AM, Sunday in India
  • 07:00 AM, Sunday in Australia

Where to Watch?  If you are in Japan then you can watch all-new episodes of One Piece on Fuji Television and other networks. For the viewers outside Japan, you can watch One Piece Episode 984 on the following platforms –

One Piece Episode 984: Countdown

One Piece Episode 984: Preview

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