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One Piece Episode 985: Release Date, Recap, Preview & Other Details

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One Piece Episode 985

One Piece Episode 985: One Piece is a shonen manga series that is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda and it has 1021 chapters now. The manga started publishing in July 1997 in Shueisha’s shōnen manga magazine. Toei Animation is the animation studio behind this anime series. The anime premiered on October 20, 1999. This week we have received the 984th episode named “Luffy Goes Out of Control?! Sneaking into Kaido’s Banquet!!“.

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One Piece Episode 984: Recap

Episode 984 of One Piece begins with the gifters trying to trouble Luffy. Everything was going fine, but then they thought to trigger the powers which Luffy is having. To perform their plan successfully, they started wasting food in front of Luffy. When Luffy saw them waste food in front of them, he wasn’t able to keep control and as a result, he lost his control over the rubber ability. Now he has taken the shape of a pear and this is what the gifters wanted.

The kid also tries his best to control his friend. But unfortunately, he was not able to control the transformation which is being made by Luffy. Even Luffy doesn’t have any control over it. All of them knew that Luffy could only be saved if he gained his consciousness back. If this doesn’t happen, then Kaido and his mates who were definitely losing would secure a win over Luffy easily. But Luffy is about to be in action again and this is truly one of the most unexpected things which will shock Kaido and his fleet.


In the episode, the Straw hats have successfully entered Kaido’s castle. Along with an army in their defense, Luffy and Kid have successfully entered the castle. Kaido and his mates have tried to make Luffy lose his ability and they were able to do so. This made their focus shift and they focused to calm the pirate. After that, Momonosuke has been kidnapped again and this had truly caused havoc in the plan which was about to be executed. Even after that one of the most unexpected things that happen and was that Marco had finally returned to the fight.

We all know that Kaido had many master plans through which he can easily tackle the incoming forces. The thing which excited the fans most was the way in which Kinemon used his techniques to disguise his teammates at the decoy. The decoys only had their one main aim and that was to cover the strongholds of Kaido. Marco had also reached the plot of Wane and now the story is about to take many of the unexpected turns. Along with that, the fans were shocked when Kinemon made a return in this episode. This had been one of the main spoilers we have given in this article.

One Piece Episode 984

The plot of the story is too much interesting as many years ago a pirate died and he had given information regarding the secret treasure. Luffy has been in the need of this treasure and there are many reasons why he should get the treasury. And not only him, everyone knows that to get the treasury they obviously need to become the pirate. And to become a pirate, you must know how to swim. But unfortunately, Luffy has lost his ability to swim. He undertook a food which made him lose his ability to swim. Now let’s see how the story goes in the next episode.


One Piece Episode 985: Release Date, Time & Where To Watch

One Piece Episode 985 is all set to release on Sunday, 01 August 2021 at 6:00 AM JST (Japanese Standard Time). The title of episode 985 is “Thinking of O-Tama – Luffy’s Furious Strike“. The anime is available to watch online on Netflix and Crunchyroll.

Here are the times in different timezones –

  • 00:00 AM, Sunday in USA
  • 06:00 AM, Sunday in UK
  • 04:30 AM, Sunday in UAE
  • 08:00 AM, Sunday in India
  • 07:00 AM, Sunday in Australia

Where to Watch?  If you are in Japan then you can watch all-new episodes of One Piece on Fuji Television and other networks. For the viewers outside Japan, you can watch One Piece Episode 985 on the following platforms –

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One Piece Episode 985: Countdown

One Piece Episode 985: Preview

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