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Tokyo Revengers Episode 7 Release Date, Time & Recap

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Mikey Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers Episode 7: It is an adaptation of manga series written by Yasuyuki Mutō and directed by Koichi Hatsumi. The shonen manga has a pretty great story. As of now, the manga sold well over 14.5 million copies. The first episode of the Tokyo Revengers anime adaptation was premiered on April 11, 2021. Until now we got 6 episodes. And fans are waiting for the next one to come.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 6: Recap

Ken remembering his past

Ken and Mikey Tokyo Revengers

The episode starts with Manjiro and Ken coming out of the hospital and Takemichi following them secretly. As soon as they went out Takashi comes there with his bike. Manjiro sits on his bike and Ken tells Takashi if he can get Haruki to come the next day. He replies he will. He also replies he will take Haruki to the warehouse near the second MS. Ken accepts that and Takashi leaves with Manjiro.

Ken remembers his past when he was in fifth grade and made the tattoo on his head. At that time he was taller than most middle schoolers. He threatens them. But The Sameyama Crew was the dominant gang in the neighborhood. They had beaten him pretty badly so he obeys them. They told him about Mikey from Seventh Elementary. How Mikey made a name by beating down Vatican’s leader.


Ken left there to find Mikey. On the way he found Mikey but he found that he is a small and skinny guy. So just out of pity, he doesn’t beat him. Instead, he brought him to the Sameyama Crew.

As soon as Ken brought Mikey. Mikey ran straight to the gang leader and made a solid kick to his face. Seeing that, all the Samayama gang run away. Mikey came to Ken and asks him to join Mikey. All of this happened years ago when both Ken and Mikey were in fifth grade.

Naota and Takemichi investigating Moebius

Naota and Takemichi Tokyo Revengers

Naota investigating the Tokyo Manji Gang. He and Takemichi are finding Osanai, the Moebius gang leader 12 years ago. They found him working in a construction site. When they ask him about the death of Ken Ryuguji. He seems terrified. Naota accused him that at that time one of his gang members stabbed Ken. But Osanai refuses. He says that Drakken or Ken was not killed by them. Instead, the Toman gang started having internal conflicts. It was part of someone’s plan. Naota asks whose plan was it. He replies he cannot say any more.

Takemichi again went back in the past. He found himself in the back of a bicycle of a friend Akkun, who died in the future. Takemichi spends some good time with him. Then he leaves Akkun. He was running and crying. He tells himself he wants to save Akkun, he wants to save Drakken and he wants to save Hina. And he must have to stop the conflict with Moebius.


Takemichi came to the warehouse and standing in front of Mikey, he asks him to stop the fight with Moebius. And for saying that Haruki throws him on the floor. Haruki beats him hardly for bringing Toman down. But Takemichi says that if Toman fights Moebius then Toman is finished.

At that time Osanai, the 8th commander of Moebius came there with his gang.

Moebius GangTokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers Episode 7 Sub: Release Date, Time & Where To Watch

Episode 7 of Tokyo Revengers will be released on coming Saturday 22 May, 10:38 PM JST on Crunchyroll.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 7 English Dub: Release Date & Where To Watch

Tokyo Revengers Episode 7 English Dub will be released on the 10th of July, 2021 JST. You can watch all the dubbed episodes on Crunchyroll.

Tokyo Revengers Official Trailer

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