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Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 37 Release Date, Time & Spoilers

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Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 37

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 37: After the release of episode 36, fans are really excited for episode 37. The officials of SDBH release a preview for episode 37. They also reveal the title of this episode. In this article, we will discuss or predict what will happen in the upcoming episodes. we will also talk about the official preview and English dub release date.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 37 – Spoilers

Episode 37 is titled “ The Warrior in Black vs. Goku Black!“. Warrior in black is the name that has been given to the new hooded Saiyan. The identity we do not know is presumed that we would finally know his identity in episode 37.  Recently the official website of super Dragon Ball heroes has published a recent promotional image or banner which already shows some designs of the characters and new outfits in some for this next episode.

In the image in question, we can highlight five characters from right to left starting with Goku ultra-instinct mastered followed by Goku black super Saiyan Rose with his hair a little more bristly apparently. Then in the middle is the new Saiyan, only here he has already removed the hood that enveloped his head and face. Then another new character whose name is Shroma finally hearts premiering a new outfit. In the image still appear neither Cumber nor Cell and Vegeta but these three characters will have enough relevance in the next episode. On the one hand, Cumber managed to survive the destruction of the planet Vegeta and now will be an ally of Goku and the others. On the other hand, Vegeta has to continue dominating the power they have given him the Super Saiyan blue evil. So rest assured that we will continue to see more of this transformation soon.


 Finally, Cell who obviously his return has not been in vain. He has something important to tell Goku and Vegeta and it is pending for the next episode. Let’s see how these revelations in detail let’s start with the new hooded Saiyan which has shown part of his face.  

This individual has a brutal force since he managed to defeat with extreme knees golden cooler vs golden Frieza powered with the dark spheres. His target is still unknown but it seems that he is interested in facing Goku black. This will happen in this next episode as it is titled the battle between the two. We had not seen his appearance until now and with the little th at we have revealed it seems that we can all agree that it has the same appearance as Goku. And in case it is not Goku then it would be some other character who has the same physical appearance.  


For example, Bardock and Turles have the same physical characteristics as Goku. it has been theorized that it could be Yamoshi. And finally that Yamoshi is some ancestral relative of Goku and therefore shares the same physical appearance. It is also possible that it would be another Goku after all because taking into account that now in the plot of super dragon ball heroes, they have explained that Goku black killed other 99 Goku from different timelines. It could be possible that this is one of the 99 who managed to survive and is now in search of revenge. Then we also see Goku ultra-instinct mastered with a new outfit. The curious thing is that he has a new symbol on his suit which looks very similar to the symbol of the time breaker. Even the symbol that Goku black had on his mask at the beginning.  

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 37

Goku black his hair is a little more bristly, it is possible that this is the new transformation into super Saiyan Rose 2. As it had been confirmed by the creator of super Dragon Ball heroes.  This would be one of the most anticipated events in Dragon Ball heroes.  

Then Shroma also appears, this character will also appear soon. He is a demon God who loyally served the dark king mechikabura. Apparently, he could be the one who freed the Cell from hell and helped Goku other warriors. Lastly, Hearts who we also see wearing a new outfit will continue to have an occasional leading role. But it is still pending to know what is real purposes or after all.  

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 37 – Release Date & Time

The release date of SDBH episode 37 is not revealed yet. Fans can expect that Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 37 release date is between July 18 to July 25 at 5:30 PM PT. The title of episode 37 is “Warrior in Black vs. Goku Black! The Dark Plot Becomes Clear!”.

  • Central Time: 9:30 PM CT
  • Pacific Time: 5:30 PM PT
  • Eastern Time: 10:30 PM EST
  • British Time: 3:30 PAM BST

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 37: Preview

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