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Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 36 Release Dare, Time & Spoilers

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Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 36

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 36: A month has just been released the new episode of the manga super Dragon Ball heroes which is slightly ahead of the promotional anime. So what we will see in the non-animated version will happen in the anime  

On the cover of this new episode of the manga, we can see Vegeta who stands out with his super Saiyan’s blue transformation. In the background Turles and Cumber two Saiyans who would start a confrontation with Vegeta. It should also be clarified that the manga of super Dragon Ball heroes just narrates these events that we already saw in the promotional anime. But also, the manga includes some new events which we will see in episode 36 of the anime version.  

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 36 – Spoilers

The episode begins by showing us the copy of the planet Vegeta from the pseudo universe created by Fu. Vegeta is fighting against Cumber and Turles. And just as we saw in the promotional anime, Turles manages to obtain incredible power due to his new transformation into evil super Saiyans. 

Here the reason for the new power of Turles is revealed. This is because he has continued to consume indiscriminately the fruit of the sacred tree. Vegeta is also trapped by the evil aura but as in the anime the Prince manages to remember his past and regain strength from it. Thus overcome the power of the dark aura. Adding it to his transformation of super Saiyan’s blue. Achieving a new form that is called super Saiyan blue berserk corrupted. Vegeta ends up defeating Turles and Cumber both also recognized Vegeta as their king and come to their senses. Thanks to Vegeta’s words and finally fall to the ground completely without energy.  


Then finally comes the masked warrior who has already been revealed as Goku black, faces Goku, Vegeta and Heart but for some reason, Vegeta returns to his base state. It seems that his new transformation did not last that long. So he is immediately sidelined from everything leaving the fight in the hands of Goku. Goku uses the ultra instinct signal and it is will yes it is will. Remember that in the manga Dragon Ball super Goku dominates the ultra instinct thanks to his training with Merus in the full battle against Moro and here in super Dragon Ball heroes. It seems that he can only activate the ultra instinct signal and not the ultra instinct to full silver hair at will.  

Super Dragon Ball  Heroes Episode 36

The battle is brutal for some reason Goku black has managed to raise its power to levels that exceed the ultra instinct. As it is able to defeat Goku in the course of the battle apparently this is the new transformation of Goku black which would surpass the powers of ordinary super Saiyans rose. And also in one of the vignettes, Goku black ends up piercing Goku with one of his attacks leaving him unconscious and on the verge of death. When Goku black is about to give him the final blow Turles appears, it turns out that Turles gets up. He ends up helping Goku that’s right the former villain of the Z warriors now seems to have become good. Thanks to the words of Vegeta before receiving a fatal blow however having saved Goku ends up costing him his own life. Black Goku is enraged by the intervention of Turles. So he ends up killing him without mercy disappearing completely from the face of the planet Vegeta. Goku black is even more furious about everything after having massacred Goku, Vegeta, and heart. After having annihilated Turles now decides to destroy the planet Vegeta. So he gets up and throws a ball of energy which will explode the planet. Unfortunately, the episode ends this way with the planet Vegeta about to explode and neither Goku, Vegeta nor heart can get up. Turles is dead and Cumber is still unconscious. 

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 36 – Release Date & Time

The release date of Super Dragon Ball Heroes episode 36 is not confirmed yet. But according to some leaks, episode 36 will be released on Sunday, 20 June 2021. We will update you as soon as the release date of episode 36 confirmed by the officials.

The title of Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 36 is “Super Saiyan Rosé vs. Ultra Instinct! A Great Planet-Shaking Battle!“.

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