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One Piece Episode 982 Release Date, Recap, Preview & More

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One Piece Episode 982

One Piece Episode 982: One Piece is a Japanese shonen manga series that is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda.  Shueisha’s shōnen manga magazine publishing this manga since July 1997. The anime series One Piece is the anime adaptation of this manga. Toei Animation is the main animation studio behind this anime series. The first episode premiered on October 20, 1999. And since then it became one of the most fan-favorite anime series of all time. Until now, we have received 981 episodes. The story revolves around the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy, a boy whose body became rubberized after eating a Devil Fruit. With his crew of pirates, Straw Hat Pirates, he ventures the world in pursuit of the ultimate treasure known as “One Piece” to become the next King of the Pirates.

One Piece Episode 981: Recap

With the story moving forward in One Piece Episode 981, excitement and tension have been created among the viewers. In the latest episode, one of the main characters of the series, Jinbe has returned. With his return to the crew, the crew now has been over more powerful, making the whole crew happy. In this episode, no one expected Jinbe to return. But now with his return, the viewers will be excited to see how the future episodes roll out. Every crew member is now happy. All straw hat members available in the crew are now happy. 

One Piece Episode 981: Jinbe’s Return and Celebrations

On seeing Jinbe return to the crew, Luffy is the one who is the happiest of them all. For him, Jinbe is one of the closest people in his life. Between this, Luffy remembers that they left Jinbe at the Whole cake island. But there was a reason for leaving him behind as he had to treat the injuries of the injured soldiers of the Sun Pirates. Though no one was happy leaving him behind. Meanwhile, Luffy remembers all the moments that they spent together in the past. He also remembers how they both worked together for a better future. 

Luffy (One Piece Episode 981)

Since Jinbe has returned, Luffy starts celebrating and the other crew members also start hugging him. This made Jinbe happy and he forgot all the previous hardships. Luffy announces that they will be celebrating Jinbe’s return and announces a party. But after this, the crew finds out that the wine at the island has been finished and they need to bring it from somewhere. One of the members of the team named Zoro smells the wine from the direction in which Onigashima is. Now all the members of the crew start making some plans to get the wine from them so that they can enjoy and celebrate the moment. 

One Piece Episode 981: Law’s Plan

Meanwhile, in the Law’s ship, Shishillion arrives at the place and asks the members to let him lead the Minks so that they can get to victory. On the other hand, Hyogoro takes the command of samurais into his own hands to make a point. Between all this, Kinemon, who was going to infiltrate the Onigashima land, drops the plan due to no proper technique and planning. Now, Law intercepts in between and says that the plan created by Kinemon was pretty much ordinary and wasn’t very effective. Therefore he starts giving direction to the team and tells them the actual plans that they should follow. 


He says that Luffy and Kid will attack through the main gate and will act as decoys. So, now samurais start getting divided into groups and they will also act as decoys. Then they will take Akazaya from underwater and Luffy and his crew will be destroying the Beast Pirates at the front gate. In the next episode, we will get to see that whether this plan would be successful or not.

One Piece Episode 982: Release Date, Time & Where To Watch

One Piece Episode 982 will be released on Sunday, 11 July 2021 at 6:00 PM Japanese Standard Time. The title of episode 982 is “Kaido’s Trump Card – Introducing the Tobi Roppo“.

Here are the times in different timezones –

  • 08:30 PM, Saturday in USA
  • 01:30 AM, Sunday in UK
  • 04:30 AM, Sunday in UAE
  • 06:00 AM, Sunday in India
  • 10:30 AM, Sunday in Australia

Where to Watch?  If you are in Japan then you can watch all-new episodes on Fuji Television and other networks. For the viewers outside Japan, you can watch the anime series on the following platforms –

One Piece Episode 982: Preview

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