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Pokemon Journeys Episode 79 Release Date, Time, and Recap

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Pokemon Journeys Episode 79

The explorations of od Goh and Ash begin with Pokemon Journeys Episode 79. While they both are adventurous people who are trying to achieve their dreams. This episode reveals the stories of Goh and Ash. Where they want to skirmish the Supreme Monarch Dande. In the morning, Sakuragi believes that they will have a good and a great day but there is something strange that will happen. Sakuragi’s employees arrived and said him that the crucial data is misplacing. But somehow Sakuragi contrived to trace his data and rewrote the password. The episode title: ”Sakuragi Institute Under Attack.”

Pokemon Journeys Episode 78 – Recap

Pokemon Journeys Episode 78 begins with the Sakuragi where he felt something and thinks what Is it exactly. He guessed that he visualizes things. Whereas there is a secret building and in that, a guy is watching using the camera over everything with invisible Pokemon. And that guy is pleased because he saw the different passcode. Kameleon wakes up in the evening and eats his meal. Whereas, his routine is different like he walked up during the night and sleeps in the afternoon. Again He saw something and reaches the building and saw a hidden Pokemon. And he noticed that he was erasing something on Sakuragi’s computer. In the morning, Sakuragi got shocked to see that everything has been deleted from his computer.

Pokemon Journeys Episode 79
Data was lost

Goh said Sakuragi and his employees not to bother. Moreover, the data of Galar is deleted they revealed this information. While Ash and Goh traveled so far to collect the data but after searching all over try released that everything is missing. Now Sakuragi is in trouble about what is going on. Meanwhile, Ash remarks that they have to condemn the fellow who defrauded the data. The team agreed to do remarkable super-security. Jimeleon eavesdropping that and turns unseen again. Later Jimeleon trains tough to uncover the sinner. And at night Goh starts patrolling, but they didn’t find anything.

The one who misplace the data
Pokemon Journeys Episode 79

They were all frustrated and in the end, they decided to find together. But later on, Kakuleon confesses that it is him sabotaging the institute of Sakuragi. Pikachu and Ash come around and helps Goh. They fight with Kakuleon and his teacher. Jimeleon turns into Inteleon and gave punishment to the master of Kakuleon and kakuleon himself. The guy got beaten and asked forgiveness, indicating that he needed Sakuragi to acknowledge him. Sakuragi gave the guy an autograph. And the is full of joy after receiving an autograph.

Pokemon Journeys Episode 79: Release Date and Time

Pokemon 2019 or Pokemon Journeys: The Series Episode 79 is all set to release Friday, September 3, 2021, at 6:55 PM JST on TV TOKYO. The title of Pokemon Journeys: The Series Episode 79 will be “The Moon and the Sun, Koharu and Haruhi”. Episode 79 Title in Japanese: 月と太陽、コハルとハルヒ.

  • Central Time Zone: 4:55 PM on Friday
  • Mountain Time Zone: 3:55 PM on Friday
  • Eastern Time Zone: 5:55 AM on Friday
  • Hawaii Time Zone: 11:55 AM on Friday

Where to Watch? you can watch Pokemon Journeys: The Series or also known as Pokemon 2019 season 24 episodes online on Netflix and on TV TOKYO. The episode Pokemon Journeys Episode 79 will release with English Subtitles. New episodes of “Pokemon Journeys: The Series” drop every Friday.

Pokemon Journeys Episode 79: Preview

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