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Girlfriend, Girlfriend Episode 9 Release Date and Time, Recap, Spoilers

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Girlfriend, Girlfriend Episode 9

Girlfriend, Girlfriend Episode 9 spoilers: As there is a triangle love story, where the third girl desperately wants to be part of the trio. Milika now falls in love with Naoya. And promises to her that he can do anything. Saki got some romantic advice from her mommy to wake up the manhood within Naoya. Be within touch and stay tuned with more exciting stories. Let’s wait for the episode to see what would happen.

Girlfriend, Girlfriend Episode 8: Recap

At the beginning of the episode, at that time saki points out to her. Later Saki recalls that for her there is no room in between them. In response to that Milika gets near and murmurs that with Nagisa, Naoya is already two-timing her. Moreover, Saki doesn’t have any words to and suggests Naoya that be careful always. And told that he has to take her side at school no matter what. After this, Milika said that Saki is ruining her energy. Further, As Saki is worried about three-timing her by seeing her Naoya thinks that Saki is sensing isolation. After some misunderstanding, Naoya said to Saki that h realizes her point of view. And in the end, they both hugged each other and will together ever like they are made up of glue.


Saki feeling loneliness

Saki feels that Naoya is exaggerating it while telling him that this is not what she meant to it. In addition to that, he asked that if he is wrong somewhere. But as Milika looking both of them so Saki agreed and didn’t think much and she goes with the flow. And they are doing romance inside the classroom by seeing it Milika best jealous. Saki statements that it is functioning, and Milika heads out, telling them that she will be back soon. Naoya resumes to be more sentimental and romantic and said to Saki that to cure loneliness, is not easy work to do. They both shares everything like the same desk. Meanwhile, Naoya walks with her while gripping her waits.

Girlfriend, Girlfriend Episode 9

How they romance

In the classroom itself, Naoya touched her chest, she gave a shocking reaction and made a weird sound. By the sound, the whole class then looking both of them she made that sound. Naoya said loudly and announced that he felt her melons. Whereas, Nagisa wants to be in that place instead of Saki. Then students are talking about that incident and enjoying. Naoya goes on to shower Saki with romance and love. The next day at school, Naoya told Milika that she has a crush on him.


Girlfriend, Girlfriend Episode 8: Release Date and Time

Girlfriend, Girlfriend Episode 9 is set to release on Saturday, August 28, 2021, at 2:25 AM JST on Crunchyroll. The title of Girlfriend, Girlfriend Episode 9 is “Can’t Wait for the Hot Springs“.

Here are the times in different timezones –

  • Pacific Time: 10:25 AM PT on Saturday, August 28th
  • Eastern Time: 1:25 PM EST on Saturday, August 28th
  • Central Time: 12:25 PM CT on Saturday, August 28th
  • British Time: 6:25 PM BST on Saturday, August 28th

Where to Watch? You can watch Girlfriend, Girlfriend Episode 9 online on Crunchyroll with English Subtitles. Episode 9 will also air on TV TOKYO.

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